Breaking News: Violent Cop Who Slammed Student Has Been Fired

CSaw8mQWcAAJCVmRichland County Senior Deputy Ben Fields, who has already been suspended without pay since slamming a student to the ground, has officially been fired.

Sheriff Leon Lott said today that he fired SRO Ben Fields because of his actions towards the student, saying that,

The maneuver that he [Fields] used was not based on the training and was not acceptable. Deputy Ben Fields did wrong this past Monday, and we’re taking action for that.

Sheriff Lott said that his investigation found that Deputy Fields followed procedure until he violently assaulted the student.

He was allowed to put his hands on her. He told her she was under arrest. Then he threw her across the room. He did not follow proper procedure. In my opinion Deputy Fields could have accomplished the arrest or handled the situation without some of the actions he did.  What he should not have done was throw the student. When he threw her across the room, he lost control of her. That’s not acceptable.

Deputy Ben Fields
Deputy Ben Fields

However, Sheriff Lott was quick to blame the student for placing his violent deputy in that position, saying that the student was responsible for the entire situation. And even though Lott was “quick” to welcome the public filming his deputies, the public is still left wondering why another student was arrested for standing up for her friend who was assaulted by Deputy Fields. As far as Sheriff Lott’s supposed transparency goes, he has refused to release Deputy Fields’ personnel files to the public.

Though Deputy Fields has been fired, his troubles continue to grow. Now, the FBI is leading an investigation into possible civil rights violations by the deputy. Deputy Fields was the defendant in a 2007 lawsuit where he beat a man for calling him ‘dude’, and is currently facing another lawsuit from a former student over discrimination claims.

I can only hope that the media attention surrounding this case will prevent the roid-raging cop from EVER working with the public (and our children) ever again.