Video: Seven Jail Guards Suspended After Female Inmate Assaulted, Tasered

Metropolitan Detention Center
Metropolitan Detention Center

Seven jail guards have been suspended (with pay) after violently attacking a female inmate. The incident occurred at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Arizona and is one of the largest in the Country.

As the video starts, Amanda Chavez, 33, can be seen waiting outside of her cell as guards perform a search of her area. One the search is over, two officers tackle Chavez to the ground.

While on the ground, Chavez is repeatedly kneed in the sides and the head, while one of the guards beats her with a Taser. In addition to the physical assault, Chavez was reportedly tasered and sprayed in the face with pepper spray several times.

In fact, Chavez was victimized so many times, officials are unable to say exactly how many times she was tasered and pepper sprayed, or even what weapons the guards used to assault her with.

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Chief Phillip Greer

At least 15 officers arrived on scene and began assaulting Chavez or helping to hold her down while other guards assaulted her.

Bernaillo County Sheriff’s Office Capt. Andi Taylor said the incident happened on Monday, but that jail officials decided not to report the incident to the Sheriff’s Office until the next day. It was probably that decision that caused Phillip Greer, the chief of the Bernalillo County Metropolitan Detention Center, to quit after serving in the position for only 10 months. (click to read his resignation letter)

The Metropolitan Detention Center is the epitome of the typical jail. Over the past few years, guns have been found inside the detention area, guards have admitted to having sex with numerous inmates, and raping inmates. In addition, this website has compiled a list of illegal actions committed by those in working in the jail.

This story will be updated when the names of the officers are released.