Dog Bites Cops While Owner is Arrested, Cops Don’t Shoot Dog

Alberta, Canada

A YouTube video posted on Saturday shows two police officers trying to restrain a man as his dog is trying to protect him.

The man’s dog is seen barking at the officers, visibly distraught that two people are attempting to kidnap his/her owner — and then biting at their arms and legs.

Two passerby arrive and try to calm the dog.

The man was charged with public intoxication, resisting arrest, and assaulting a police officer.

Calgary police said “the dog was transported to the District Office as was the offender. The dog hung out with the officers while they completed paperwork and it was released to the owner when he was released on a promise to appear.”

The officers were not injured.

I do not advise anyone try this at home, or in a public space after drinking with your dog.  Results vary, and it’s very likely your dog will be shot dead.

The video illustrates how a barking dog, even a dog that is nipping at you, isn’t really a deadly threat. In fact, a lot of people encounter barking dogs every day and are not injured or killed as a result.  It’s not necessary, nor is it rational to shoot dogs if they’re barking at you.  Although these officers did violently kidnap a person for a victim-less crime, they showed restraint that I wish American cops would use more often with people’s pets.  Stop shooting dogs, assholes.

Dylan Donnelly

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