Kern County Deputy Arrested For 3rd Time, Plus Escape Video (Update)

For the third time in a week, Kern County Deputy Edward Tucker has been arrested. His latest arrest comes after he “escaped” police custody earlier this week after being charged with being in possession of guns while under the influence of drugs, and for threatening children with his weapons.

Sheriff Donny Youngblood had this to say about Deputy Tucker’s case:

People that are under the influence of methamphetamine are dangerous. People that are under the influence and have guns are much more dangerous. And, my big concern is that we didn’t get somebody hurt because he was able to escape from us. That’s something that we would have to live with. We have hit this extremely hard. It’s been the No. 1 priority, of course. And, just thank God he’s in custody. He’s not hurt. Nobody in our community is hurt, and now we will find out how this happened and ensure that it doesn’t happen again.

Deputy Edward Tucker
Deputy Edward Tucker

Deputy Tucker was arrested for the first time on Saturday after threatening a group of children and pulling a gun on them. According to one of the witnesses, Deputy Tucker “Pointed the gun straight at them, each one individually, and told them, ‘You’re lying to me.’”

When police finally caught up with Deputy Tucker, he was in possession of guns and methamphetamines, and was under the influence of those drugs.

Deputy Tucker was bailed out after his initial arrest, but was found again that same night with more drugs and weapons. It was during the second arrest that Deputy Tucker ‘escaped’ from police custody.

Though the Sheriff is trying to claim that his department is looking out for public safety, Sheriff Youngblood hired Deputy Tucker despite previous run-ins with the law.

In 1988 Deputy Tucker was arrested for possession, manufacture, and sale of a dangerous weapon and domestic violence. He was arrested again in 1991 for another domestic violence charge. However, the district attorney’s office never filed any charges after his arrests, allowing the psychotic cop to continue his reign of terror on the public.