California Police Watch Copsucker Assault Copblocker, Do Not Protect Him

Halloween night Lazaro Lopez approached two Bakersfield Police officers that he says were parked illegally.  He asks the officers for their names and badge numbers and gives them a hard time about being parked somewhere that would result in a ticket for anyone else.

Neither officer replies to his questions, and the driver rolls up his window as Lopez continues to press for a response.

“What’s your name and badge number, sir?”

Then comes drunk ass hero cop lover, Ramsey, mocking Lopez: “What’s your name and badge number sir, shut up! Shut up and quit being such a little bitch!”

“These people are fucking protecting you,” Ramsey slurs.

“What do you do for this country? Ramsey continued to shout at Lopez. “I’m in the United States Army, motherfucker!”

“Leave them alone!” he continued.

Lopez tried explaining his resentment for the police.

“These people murder us, they steal from us, they hold us at gunpoint,” Lopez said.

“You murder yourselves, dumb ass,” Ramsey yelled.

“I hate these motherfuckers!” Ramsey yelled continuing his outburst. “I hate you!”

Ramsey approaches the police officers and offers them a handshake.

Lopez asks the officers, “If he would have asked for your names and badge numbers, would you have given it to them?”.

“Probably because I’m respectful,” Ramsey said as he smacks the camera out of Lazaro’s hands.

The two Bakersfield police officers watch the whole thing unfold from the comfort of their police vehicle, without the slightest interest in “fucking protecting” Lopez from the assault.

“You watched that happen,” Lopez told the cops. “What’s your name and badge number?”

Neither officer ever answer Lopez.

They may not have given their names and badge numbers, but they did prove Lazaro’s point: the police do not protect you. Their job is to generate revenue for the state.

Dylan Donnelly

Artist and Photojournalist from Fresno, CA Editor at Fresno People's Media & admin of Cop Block Fresno, CA Follow me on Twitter and Facebook Subscribe to my Youtube Channel