Unprofessional Pig Cops Attempt to Intimidate Person Filming Arrest

Two Toronto constables are internet infamous after they tried to intimidate a man filming a marijuana arrest.

The officers approach Mike Miller and block his view of the arrest by standing directly in front of his camera.

Officers Brian Smith and Shawn Gill get so close to Miller that he has to keep walking backwards.

Miller says at times, he was intimidated and scared.

Miller tells the officer to “get out of my personal space,” but they continue to badger him.

“I’m just talking to you,” says Gill. “You’re videotaping. I can’t engage you in conversation?”

In 2010 Miller complained about the attitudes of officers to Deputy Chief Peter Sloly. He says Sloly told him, “If there is something like that going on, just whip out your camera and shoot it. Because you have the right.”

In this particular case police say the constables should have told Miller they were blocking his view because the suspects were minors.

“Their identities are protected by law, and certainly while we feel the officers’ concerns were appropriate, their lack of communication in this regard was not,” said police spokesperson Meaghan Gray.

“I think that a clear explanation could have and should have been provided to the citizen who was doing the filming, as to why they did not want those boys being filmed.”

“There’s no one here who feels that their response was appropriate,” said Gray.

“When you express your rights, this is how police sort of deal with you,” says Miller. “They want to put you in your place and belittle you and make you feel humiliated.”

Dylan Donnelly

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