Tased and Arrested For Not Having ID

“Simply Provide Your ID If Requested”

Citizens, in a similar type of situation, should simply provide the officer with proper identification if requested. The video shows the passenger escalating the situation by refusing lawful requests and reaching into a backpack in the rear of the vehicle, despite officer commands to keep his hands in plain sight for officer safety.

The driver of the vehicle, who properly showed her identification when asked to do so, received a $25 ticket for a seat-belt violation. In contrast, the passenger was arrested for Resisting Law Enforcement, Failure to Aid an Officer and a seat belt violation.

 ~ MAYOR MCDERMOTT (Read The Entire Release)

Drop Unjust Charges Against Jamal Jones

Originally Posted by Lisa Mahone to Change.org. SIGN THE PETITION 

Lisa Submits,

It was already one of the worst days of my life. I, my two children and my friend Jamal jumped into the car to get to the hospital to visit my mother, who was near death. In the rush, I didn’t think to put on my seatbelt and was pulled over by Hammond police officers. I offered my license, insurance, etc. to the officers, and Jamal provided a recent ticket with his identifying information since he didn’t have an ID with him. They refused to take Jamal’s information, and that’s when things quickly took a turn for the worse.

For no reason at all, the officers drew guns on us and the kids in the back seat. I was afraid for my life and called 911. Jamal asked the officers to call a supervisor. After being terrorized for nearly nine minutes, the police officers further escalated the situation without cause by smashing in the passenger side window, spraying glass all over the children in the back seat and tasing Jamal. The officers pulled Jamal out of the car, threw him to the ground and falsely arrested him for “resisting law enforcement.”

Was that kind of response necessary for simply requesting a supervisor to the scene? No. That’s why I’m asking for a public investigation of this case and for the false and unjust charges against Jamal to be dropped.


The Hammond Police Department does not have the best record. One of the officers in this incident was involved in three other excessive force lawsuits (which were settled), and another officer was involved in another excessive force lawsuit. Hammond continues to send a message that excessive force is acceptable. But isn’t a police officer’s job to protect and serve, not to ridicule, attack, and terrorize?

In the wake of recent police brutality cases, we were unsure what would happen to us if we got out of the car that day. Nothing that we did that day deserved to be met with the excessive force used against us.Please sign this petition if you want to take a stand against police brutality.


U.S. Department of Justice
Hammond Police Department
Drop the unjust charges against Jamal Jones and open a federal investigation into the Hammond Police Department


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