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What is jail like? What should you know going in? How should you interact with guards and other inmates? Is there porn? All these questions and more were answered by a rotating panel of guest hosts on last night’s episode of CopBlock Radio. We usually focus on Police Accountability topics, but we took a break from our normal routine to spend some time sharing our collective knowledge on a topic that every CopBlocker is sure to encounter: Jail. I wish this weren’t the case, but in a police state, even someone who is exercising a so-called “protected” right can be wrongfully arrested and caged by a badged agent of the state.

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First, CopBlock founder Ademo Freeman and CopBlocker Brian Sumner joined us fresh out of the Illinois Hamilton County Jail. Brian explains why he wrote in a recent blogpost that he regretted leaving jail a day earlier than his compadre. Brian ultimately spent 6 days in minimum security; Ademo spent 7 in medium security. Ademo shared that he was able to listen to Pandora from a tablet in his cell 18 hours a day, and he strongly recommended to anyone finding themselves in the same position to walk into jail with money in your pockets (if you can). This will go a long way to easing your jail experience, as it means you can “enjoy” some of the creature comforts that jail life affords through the commissary. He also recommends buying coffee, and lots of it, right away. It can be traded for other goods like socks, sweatpants, and soda, or traded for favors. Brian shared that he almost got into a fight with his cell mate over the concept of “No Victim, No Crime,” but it was quickly resolved by not backing down. Derrick J thought that was a horrible idea, but Derrick was kind of a pansy in jail and admitted to crying when faced with a fight.

News breaks live during the show that a fellow CopBlocker in Texas was arrested in Galveston while we were on the air. His crime? Recording the police, of course!

Jacob Jacob of OhioCopBlock joined the program also fresh out of jail (for the victimless crime of helping people get ecstasy) after a 14-month stay, plus probation (which included restriction on internet use). Now he used his opportunity to use the internet to give an exclusive interview to CopBlock Radio. He shared his discovery of Christ as well as the shocking revelation that his gay friend was hooking up with another gay dude while “in for the stay.”

Old friend and regular caller to the show, Straight Razor, announced that he has once again been “let go” by his employers for doing the right thing. Longtime listeners of CopBlock Radio may recall that Straight Razor was fired about a year ago after refusing to arrest innocent people accused of victimless crimes such as pot possession. The good news is that he is now pursuing a career as an Uber driver where he will be able to influence many more hearts and minds per day than as a reluctant law enforcer.

DEO of Greater Cleveland CopBlock finally recovered the video from his arrest back in July when he was caged for recording police on the side of the road. The video clearly shows objectively that DEO never interfered with the law enforcers, but they went out of their way to harass him and violate his so-called “protected” rights.

Finally, Severin Freeman and his friend Scott Marshal from the Oath Accountability Project shared video of their arrests by men calling themselves the Pennsylvania State Police, again, for simply video recording in a public space. They were told that it would be about a year before they were able to retrieve their video cameras and equipment, but after a massive call-flood from participants all over the continent, their belongings were returned to them in just 7 days. That’s the power of a decentralized network of police accountability activists! Gone are the days of unaccountable bullies caging those who seek to expose their wrongdoings and getting away with it! The video camera, and the brave men and women who wield them, are changing the game one day at a time. If you are among them, thank you for your service.

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