Stingray App Provides Local Legal Information

The Stingray App provides users with local legal information for educational purposes. When forced to interact with authorities users can open the Stingray App on their phone and quickly find answers regarding their legal rights such as knowing when an officer has the right to search or detain a citizen.

Additionally to help fellow users can leave questions, comments, and answers based on their own experiences with the law. I found this app to be a useful collaborative tool, that’s easier and quicker to access, while say at a traffic stop than trying to use search engine like Google on your phone.


Stingray1 Stingray2

This app is a local knowledge base for: laws, legal rights, rules, regulations, and legislation in your area.

•Traffic Related
•Tenant / Landlord Related
•Criminal Law Related
•Protest / Demonstration Related
•Tax/Finance related
•Immigration / Customs
•Labor Law
•Family Law
•Medical Law
•Basic Legal Rights




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