New Police Chief Covering Up Assault On Kids

On November 13th, 2015 at approximately 3:30 in the afternoon, students from the Medical Academy Charter School in Catasauqua PA were getting out of school. It was a Friday afternoon and everybody was feeling pretty good. Upon feeling the sunlight in the warm weather the students filled with energy and joy began to wrestle and roughhouse playfully. All of the students were close friends. That’s when a nosy neighbor decided to pull out his video camera from his front porch window and secretly record the kids wrestling. After a few minutes he decided to yell at them to get off his lawn like a typical old man. What followed was the police being called and took everything downhill.

It’s important to note that dispatch ordered these police to the school, not to break up a fight, but to disperse the crowd. Sadly, that is not what occurred. As the officers arrived on the scene they pulled their tasers and began screaming at the children. When the children begin to ask questions and try to explain that it was only play fighting, they were met with threats and hostility by all the officers there. As the children tried to leave and escape the officers they were followed and intimidated. One officer in particular seemed very determined to make a fight happen. As the students plead with another officer to intervene, Officer “pick on kids” lunges for one of the males violently grabbing him. That’s when things truly got out of control.

As all of the friends began screaming and pleading with them to stop and telling them that the students didn’t do anything, the officers begin tackling and roughing up who whichever student was closest to them. You can clearly see Officer Troublemaker, with the beanie, attacking several students. At one point he’s roughing up a female student when another officer stands up and kicks a leading female in the stomach while yelling f****** b****.12226357_190148067990948_922489984_n

This is one of the most scary and unbelievable situations one could ever imagine. Once these police arrived on scene nothing short of total obedience was going to get these kids from being pummeled. Allentown Police have been guilty of a lot of bad things but they just seem to keep getting worse and worse as the time goes on. In fact, I can’t seem to stop writing about this department, between slamming old men on the ground, to harassing elderly women and children. I truly never thought I would be surprised when I came to stories about Allentown. I was wrong.

The worst part about all this is not so much the brutality but the cover-up that’s happening now. There is a blatant attempt by the city of Allentown to not only cover this up but to discredit students. When adults and children are involved in a problem the children are commonly blamed and where does that put us as a society? It’s extremely disappointing to know that the chief of police in Allentown is brand new, not even on the job for a month yet and already throwing accountability out the window. I truly had high hopes for this chief. After article after article about that city with zero officers being held accountable and the lawsuits piling up they had no choice but to get rid of the old chief. I have been sitting back waiting to see what his first move will be. Will he fire an officer? Will he call for community talks? Will he even acknowledge the problems that the city has been having with all the lawsuits?

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Sadly, the answer to all is no. Chief Keith Morris was sworn into his office on October 19th. He has been quiet ever since. Everyone has been waiting too see what kind of chief he will be. Well in the last 48 hours we all have our answer. To put it lightly he’s scum. He does not honor any kind of oath or even the law. He only cares about the department’s image and his paycheck. After canceling a meeting to speak with the children and several other groups that had been set up for weeks, the chief of police calls for a news conference and goes on the attack against the victims of the brutality. Teaming up with the local news they released an edited video that made the students look like the aggressors. He has even come out publicly that the current laws on the books are not harsh enough for these victims and he’s working with the DA to rewrite some of the legal code to charge the students more harshly.

The local media is crucifying these poor students too. In the video below you see how they are spinning everything blaming children for all of the issues!  As grown adults you can’t figure out a better way to deal with mouthy kids then to beat them up? These unarmed human beings were gathered together crowded in a corner and beaten down for asking questions and talking back. This is what a police state looks like ladies and gentlemen. Be afraid, be truly afraid because not even our kids are safe anymore and that’s the god honest truth.

I am calling on all CopBlockers, activists, parents, students, and every human being that has the capability to speak or type to speak now! Let Allentown police department now that we all see them and that the world is watching that their brutality. Stand UP now, let’s make an example out of this department for the rest of the country.


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