Honor Your Oath wrongly arrested by Lawtey PD

A good friend, though we’ve never met, and CopBlocker was arrested yesterday while conducting some speed trap outreach. HonorYourOath – Jeff – is a Florida Truck driver who spends time on his days off (or after work) holding warning drivers of sneaky cops trying to speed trap them. Below is his account of what happend but to see more of Jeff’s work visit his YouTube channel (or see links below):

On 4-2-12 I was illegally arrested by Officer Hughes and Officer Singletary of the Lawtey PD. I was in Lawtey Florida doing my normal speed trap blocking as I have done numerous times in the past – you may have seen a few of my video’s on CopBlock. My most recent video “Meet Officer Blom of Lawtey FL PD” (see below) documented a friendly exchange that occurred between myself and Officer Blom.

Yesterday was a completely different situation despite doing the exact same activity, and parking in the exact same spot as I did in the Officer Blom video. I was standing beside my car simply holding my speed trap sign as I normally do when Officer’s Hughes, and Singletary approached me very aggressively. As Singletary approached, he addressed me as” Mr Gray” to which I responded “Yes I’m Mr Gray”. Singletary then began demanding ID despite already knowing exactly who I am. When I declined to show my ID I was immediately arrested and later charged with Resisting Without Violence!

They claimed that they were responding to a suspicious person complaint,and that they did not know who I was.(despite Singletary addressing me by name as he approached) They claim that I was standing on the road way, pointing, and shouting at cars. They claim that I was illegally parked on the road way even though I was parked in a restaurant parking lot. I have video of the entire incident and it will prove the Lawtey Officers charges to be lies. Only problem is, my video is in custody of Lawtey PD as evidence. This is an obvious attempt at intimidation,with the goal of stopping my free speech right to protest their speed trap. I need some help, please call Lawtey Florida PD and tell them what you think. 904-782-3751

Thank you,

We’ll (Jeff and I) keep you updated on this pending story. Right now Jeff is working on getting his property back so he can show the world the video of his wrongful arrest. At that time we’ll release more names and numbers for concerned folks to call. Click here for more about HonorYourOath.



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