NOVA CopBlocker Arrested for Filming in Public Building (VIDEO)

Kyle Miller, of NOVA CopBlock, decided to to spend a little time this morning handing out Jury Nullification pamphlets to people around the Fairfax County Courthouse. Jury Nullification is where a jury may find that the ‘defendant’ did commit the actions the state alleges but that the law is either unjust, or not applicable to the case presented. This mostly unknown fact was intended to keep police, district attorney’s and judges (basically government) from creating laws outside the scope of those with victims and so that a law couldn’t be abused to simply cage someone. Obviously that did workout all that well as Miller learned today.

According to Miller he was targeted from the start. A female deputy of the Fairfax County Sheriff’s department approached him shortly after arrival and stated that he could NOT handout information because that was soliciting. Miller told myself that he, “Shut that down pretty quickly” and that the deputy retreated inside of the building. Miller then found his spot outside the building and starting to offer pamphlets to those passing by. You can see in his Bambuser video below that he does so unsolicited for over 30 mins.

About three minutes before the video ends Miller decided he “wanted to get an image of the rules and the virginia code they cited, I didn’t think I was going into the courthouse since I wasn’t passing through the checkpoint area to walk into the courthouse.” The video below is what happened after Miller left the building claiming, “I made it out with no issues.” Seems he spoke too soon.

Video of Arrest While Leaving:

Summons issued to Mr. Miller
Summons issued to Mr. Miller

According to Miller he was detained by the two deputies and brought back into the courthouse. They searched his persons, confiscated his phone and brought him before Judge Bruce D. White who issued him a summons for “contempt of court.” The summons, pictured right, has a court date of November 12th, 2015 on it noting there’ll be a hearing on the matter. This is uncommon for my experience as contempt charges – that I’ve faced – are always given out the day the ‘contempt’ takes place. Nevertheless, Miller has retained counsel but asked that a “Call Flood” be done to the Fairfax County Sheriff’s Office, particularity the court services division.

On thing you might want to ask is why Miller was arrested when the Court Security tab on their website states, “All other cameras, video cameras, video recording equipment and recording devices that are not considered a portable electronic device are prohibited beyond the courthouse entry area.” Seems that wasn’t the case today and that Miller might have been a target from the start, as he feels is the case.

Fairfax County Sheriff’s Office: 703-246-3227 ; Facebook Page

Fairfax County Court: 703-691-7320

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