Service I didn’t want

Just a small time city scam, but still annoying. I got a letter yesterday from an old friend, the pig. It informed me that I owed $35.00 for overnight parking. It was originally $25.00 they added $10 for being late paying it. That’s fine, except I never saw that ticket, the letter was the first time I even knew I was fined.

There are assholes who think it’s funny to yank tickets off peoples windshields, I think that’s what may have happened to me because I never saw a ticket on my car.

The city is running a great scam. The law is no parking between 2AM and 6AM. The people who wrote that law know damn well there is not enough off street parking, so they are raking in that ticket money from the night cops. Thanks to ASSHOLES helping them by pulling tickets off of windshields they are getting even more $$. Here is the REALLY fun part. If you want to fight the ticket Mass charges you a court fee to do that, so even if you win you get almost nothing back.

The ticket was given out at the end of Feb. Boy do they LOVE to give out tickets at the end of the month. It’s like someone slapped a wasps nest; you can’t drive 20ft without seeing a cop car.

Guy Fawkes
Pretty minor compared to other shit cops do, like murder homeless people but I was still pissed.

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