HonorYourOaths illegal arrest video(s)

On Wednesday I blogged about Jeff, aka HonorYourOath on YouTube, who was arrested for ‘refusing to show cops his ID.’ According to the description on HonorYourOath’s YouTube video of the arrest – the raw version (also posted below):

This video was being illegally held by the Lawtey police as evidence at the Bradford county Fl Sheriffs Department. When I explained my case to Sheriff Gordon Smith he immediately over road Lawtey Pd and returned my property. I then showed the video to Sheriff Smith and he said I did nothing illegal. I am asking the State Attorney of Bradford county to immediately drop charges against me.

I hope Jeff can get these charges dropped quickly as the video clearly shows he was doing nothing wrong. Makes one wonder if Jeff is having an affect on their revenue from speeding tickets?

The raw video has several of minutes at the beginning of Jeff holding up his sign, not yelling at cars like the police claim, so I took the time to edit dead time out, add a few graphics and include parts of Jeff’s video with commentary – video above.  Below is the raw arrest video.

Though I wish this didn’t happen to Jeff (or anyone), I’m submitting this video for April’s “Featured Content of the Month” contest, as best CopBlocking video thus far. Great job Jeff, you’ve set the bar high in the best CopBlocking video category. Remember, you too can win $100 worth of CopBlock.org goodies without being arrested. Click the link above for more details.

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