KY State Police Like to go Poaching

I live near Ft. Campbell, KY. My job has me driving up and down TN, KY & other states. On several occasions I personally witnessed KY state police speeding 15-20 mph over the posted speed limit… NOT chasing a suspect, NOT on any apparent call,.. just cruising 15-20mph faster than the posted speed limits in an attempt to “poach” (creep up on an unsuspecting civilian who may themselves be speeding, in order to “pace” them and catch them speeding by pacing instead of using the issued radar devices.)

I’ve spoken to several state patrol leaders near my community, and the office of the KY state governor. Yet I still witness them speeding like this every single time I travel on their highways!

On 101st Parkway in Clarksville, TN, I “honked” at a cop speeding and did the “naughty finger” (swiping my right index down the left index as in “shame on you” for speeding). This cop then got behind me, pulled me over, lied about being on a call, (I know he wasn’t because I called his supervisor), claimed I distracted him causing him to have to send a different officer to his fake call. Then told me he could have given me a ticket because I’m not supposed to just “blow my horn” at anyone and distract them.

When is this crap going to stop? Judges and Police are there to honestly uphold the law, not to make their own laws, not to write up fake “generalized” tickets!!! not to interject their personal opinions on what they “think” of a citizen.

I almost forgot, I have also witnessed Clarksville, TN police throwing cigarette butts out of their car onto the road (littering), and making illegal lane changes (not using their blinkers to change lanes).

– James H.


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