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Thanks to wonderful counter CopBlock groups like Civilians Against CopBlock and CopBlock Exposed the “CopSuckers” have shown themselves in full lately, not only on the “CopBlock” branded social networks but my own as well. Which is fine, I knew long time ago that I didn’t choose the most popular position to defend and accept it as part of ‘the job’ (see what I did there?).

Yet, despite popular belief I have many things I need to get done each day and rarely does a long, mostly meaningless, back and forth with “CopSuckers” make my list of things to do. This doesn’t mean that I’m not open to conversations, debates or criticisms. In fact, quite the opposite is true, I love to ‘hash out’ policing issues with those who feel cops are here to protect them and that the content created at (or other alternative media outlets) is false, filled with hate and that of criminals – who are just mad we got caught.

Definition of a Copsucker

To prove that I’m more than willing to defend my position I’m going to set aside two hours every other Thursday – when able – to do a LIVE YouTube broadcast via the MAC Tour YouTube channel. What’s the goal? To field as many questions from the CopSuckers of Civilians Against CopBlock (or any other such person) about CopBlock,, the CopBlock Network or my beliefs about the police state.

It’s a “ask me anything” format that will be recorded and posted to as a post. Here’s the chance for all those who claim I’m a just a low life loser, who brainwashes people by promoting hate towards heroes who risk their lives for us. Explain to me how we aren’t living in a police state, tell me how the police keep you safe at night and explain to me why it’s ok to force people to pay for the type of protection you want. I promise I’ll let you fully explain your position and then respond to it with my views and perspectives.

All you have to do is click on the link below at 9 pm – or on my Facebook page, which is public, 15 minutes before air time – and tune in.


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Ademo Freeman

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