“Police Officers are Forced to Remain Silent about the Injustices They See Perpetrated by their Fellow Officers”

Today I woke up and started on my usual routine of coffee, emails and checking the social network scene. While on the email aspect I came across this one from a man who nearly became a LEO. I thought I would share it with you all:

Hello Copblock,

I’ve been a follower and supporter of Copblock for a few years now. I support the cause because I’ve seen the injustice of LEOs first hand and was also subjected to the indoctrination of abusive practices. I want to tell you my story that still resonates with me almost every day. When I was finishing up high school in the early 2000s, I had dreams and aspirations of being a police officer. I entered into a 2 year criminal justice program at a community college in Iowa that specifically trained its students to be LEOs. It had intense, hands on classes that dealt with everything that LEOs would come across. Defensive tactics, weapons training, interrogation tactics, patrol tactics, medical just to name a few. At first, I was all in. I was living a dream.

However, I started noticing things that didn’t make sense. It seemed that we were training to be servants to the government not servants to the people. Of all the classes we took, there was only one that covered the Constitution. It was taught the first year, first semester of the program and then the Constitution just seemed to be abandoned. We were more taught ways to get around the Constitution then to error (sic) on the side of the Constitution. What really made me realize that our criminal justice system was array (sic), and made me realize I didn’t want to be a part of it, was the war on drugs. I was asking questions about the discrepancies in drug offense sentencing, and I was told its not your job to create change in the system. I, however, finished out the program and graduated with high regards from my instructors. I had one instructor corner me and said “you are going to make a fantastic police officer.” They were shocked when I told them I was not pursuing a criminal justice career….and so was I.

After I graduated, I decided to further my education and received a 4 year degree in Communication Studies. What is weird, I would still love to be a police officer. However, I can’t and will not be a part of the enslavement and mistreatment of my fellow man. I want to finish this message by saying that there are a lot of really good police officers. The biggest problem I’ve seen is that those good police officers are forced to remain silent about the injustices they see perpetrated by their fellow officers. More so, the bad officers are protected by their departments, jurisdictions they work for and their unions. I hope this message shows their (sic) are people that believe in law in order, but not when it’s at the hand of the people who are sworn to protect it.

In Peace,
Thankful I’m not a LEO
Minneapolis, MN

This is something that I’ve known for far too long and, honestly, I think many other people have too; particularly LEO’s (and all ‘good cops’ – if any are out there). The submitter of the email was going through school to be a LEO in the early 2000’s and that was a time when LEO’s had a much better image. Since then – and the boom of one’s ability to share video with the rest of the world – the image of a police officer has only gotten worse. Even police themselves are finding it more difficult to fill empty slots for police roll call. Some would say that the job isn’t worth the risk and others would say that ‘good cops‘ don’t want to be cops anymore because they know they won’t be allowed to be, or do, good. Both statements are probably correct.

My suggestion is that this submitter do what I suggest all good cops do, start your own protection business. The days where LEO’s have to work for the government are coming to an end quickly. There are millions of people out there who would like to pay a “good cop” to do an honest service (find stolen property, initiators of force and so on) for them. The problem is that current cops are either too indoctrinated to think that’s possible, or too scared to do it because they know the government will come after them. Remember, even Obama said that government is merely a ‘monopoly on violence.” Once they don’t have that monopoly, the government will crumble because no one will voluntarily pay them.  How do I know this? Because if you had the option and were told exactly what your money went to, there isn’t a single one of us who would pay for everything the government does. Sure some might pay for a few things, but those things can be provided more effectively via the free market.

I’m sure most people will freak out by my statements and lucky for you I’m hosting a YouTube Live broadcast tonight. So you can hear me expand on this. I’ll also be taking questions from my growing pool of CopSuckers. All the details are right here and the show starts at 9 pm (eastern).

Ademo Freeman

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