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A college student in Commie-fornia is in trouble for recording audio in her own dorm room. What’s the legality of that? What would you have done? Plus, an Uber driver was arrested for recording, protestors in Pennsylvania won a victory against aggressive law enforcers, and an activist in Texas catches law enforcers breaking into his car!

New Hampshire Uber Driver Christopher David was arrested this week and charged with a felony for allegedly “Wiretapping” from his own car. Apparently his competition, a cab driver, didn’t like Christopher recording his harassment and publishing it on the internet, so he complained to law enforcers who had Christopher thrown in a cage. Now his livelihood is in jeopardy as he waits for “swift” justice that will take months and risk him being caged for up to seven years in a State Prison. For recording?? That ain’t right! Here’s the story.

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The Oath Accountability Project OWNED Allentown Cops this week at the #Anonymous Million Mask March. Watch as a crew of CopBlockers brings the law to the law-men, and the enforcers back down. It takes some persistence on the part of the crew, but they finally are able to exercise their freedom of speech right openly without further harassment by the blue light gang. Video here:

The Battousai is a BADASS! If you’ve never heard of him, you better go subscribe to his YouTube channel. Phil Turner, also known as The Battousai joined us for the last hour of the show to talk about his arrest for … you guessed it! Recording! Of course the law enforcers in his area know better than to charge him with that, so instead they charged him with failure to identify. But wait–isn’t failure to identify only a crime if you’ve been suspected of committing a crime? So how can that be his only charge? It doesn’t matter! Things get worse for the law enforcers as they drive around looking for Phil’s car, and find it, only to be recorded BREAKING INTO IT! WOOPS! Didn’t expect that, did ya piggies?

CopBlock Coverage of the Arrest
Mainstream media coverage of the arrest
Dashcam Footage of Cops Illegally Breaking Into Car

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