Huber Heights Police Highlight Double Standards by Breaking the Law (VIDEO)

The video above was recorded earlier this week when Brian and I noticed those distinctive “cherries and berries” coming through the front window. Instinctively we grabbed our cameras and made our way outside to investigate even though it was raining. What we found was one Huber Heights, Ohio – where we’re currently staying while we hash out our pending ‘criminal mischief’ charges – police officer in the midst of a traffic stop.

It seemed that the officer was curious about the tags, possibly not matching the VIN number, and/or that the car was registered to a “wanted” person. We were unable to get the exact details as to the reason for the stop, but Brian did get a moment to ask the officer if he felt he was a ‘good cop.”

“I think I am.” Replied the officer.

“What makes you a good cop?”

That’s when the officer went into safe mode and directed Brain to the police station where he could speak to a superior or public relations officer. He then got in his car and drove off. Since it’s a cul-de-sac with the road behind us as the only exit point we decided to wait until the self-proclaimed “good cop” left the area.

Funny thing is another – presumably self proclaimed – “good cop” showed up before the first officer found his way out. The second officer rolled not just one, but two, stop signs while coming into the area. Later the first cop – Huber Heights Officer Storm – claimed that he did so because he was “checking on him,” but I noted that he didn’t have his emergency lights on (which would exempt him from such pesky traffic laws). Though even with emergency lights on traffic accidents are the second highest cause of death for police officers (“shot” is first but not by much – within ten any given year – and “shot” doesn’t clarify by whom, so car accidents could very well be the leading cause of death for police officers). That being said you’d think that officers would know this and be more careful.

Furthermore, running (or rolling) a state roadway sign is against the law and police have accepted a duty to uphold those laws, no questions asked, right? Yet, when I told Storm that the other officer (Winterbomb, or some shit, I still don’t know but car #1019) had broken the law he instantly went to justify his actions. He didn’t turn to him and ask, “is that true?” Or, “can I see the video?” Nope, instead he said, “He was probably coming to check on me.” A number of “OK’s” followed my other inquiries and Storm made zero indication that it even bothered him, let alone that he’d ticket his partner for the illegal act.

This is what’s called a double standard, plain and simple. Obviously these two Huber Heights officers believe that “Badges Do Grant Extra Rights.” And though it might be a minor traffic violation, men like Walter Scott and Samuel Dubose were killed during minor traffic stops. Officers don’t jump to your defense or shrug off your minor violations. They use them as revenue generation or starting points to stop you and search your vehicle. Yet, they can’t ticket one of their own.

All of this might be business as usual but Officer Storm, you were asked if you were a good cop, to which you said, “I think I am.” This video proves otherwise and I hope you see that.

Let them know that “Badges Don’t Grant Extra Rights.” 
Huber Heights Police Department
 Phone: (937) 233-2080
Huber Heights Police Department Facebook Page

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