Cop Block Co-Founder Pete Eyre Interviewed on Anarchast

Recently I recorded an Anarchast with host Jeff Berwick.

Anarchast, if you’re not familiar, is an interview series through which individuals of diverse backgrounds share a bit about their focus and how that intersects with complete liberty.

For example, William G. Grigg, who wrote and narrated the video No, the Police Don’t Work For You, has been a guest on Anarchast.

Crypto is referenced frequently in the video. If that’s a newish term for you see this post published to last year: De-Fund the Police State: Use Bitcoin

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A few of my own thoughts after viewing my chat with Jeff:

I could have been more succinct and focused in my response to Jeff’s question about the war on drugs. It was a prime opportunity to mention the fact that when there is no victim there is no harm, and thus, kidnapping and caging a person or stealing their property for engaging in such acts is kidnapping and caging and stealing, no matter the attire worn by the aggressor.

When referencing spontaneous order I could have pointed as an example to the self-directed actions taken people everywhere to delegitimize coercive institutions and actors by developing apps like Cell 411, filming the police, starting a group, supporting the CopBlock Network, or in any other areas to promulgate the movement of toward all goods and services being provided based on choice and consensual interactions.

When responding to the first question, though I cited the positive role austrian economics has had in my journey, I failed to expand on key, commonsensical concepts. If you’re interested, I encourage you to visit and read these collections of essays: Alternatives to Top-Down Provision of Protection Part 1, Alternatives to Top-Down Provision of Protection Part 2, and yes you guessed it, Alternatives to Top-Down Provision of Protection Part 3.

Another good resource is: Anarchy and the Law: The Political Economy of Choice edited by Ed Stringham. Here’s an overview of the book from You can read most of it for free on GoogleBooks or pick up a copy from Amazon.

Thoughts? Please share in a comment or on Twitter tag @PeteEyre.

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