Adam Kokesh Might Be Going Back to Jail and You Won’t Believe Why!

Macey Tomlin, the fiancée of Adam Kokesh, made the video above addressing the current situation that they are in regarding Adam’s probation stemming from this video of him loading (then cocking) a shotgun in “Freedom Plaza” in Washington, DC.

As Macey stated in her video Adam was sentenced to 4 months in prison for his ‘crime’ and that sentence was suspended for 4 years of probation. Since then Adam and Macy moved to California, which was approved by the probation officer on the east coast, went on a “Freedom Campfire Tour” and were spreading the message of liberty as usual.

That was until the probation office started messing with Adam as they usually do with people under their ‘supervision.’ See Adam was ordered back to DC and put on a monitoring bracelet because he had been shuffled from probation officer to probation officer. When this happens there are a number of subjective rules that may or may not change. I’ve had this personally happen to me as well, so I know all too well what Adam faces.

Therefore, due to the most recent shuffle of probation officers, Adam’s most current glorified babysitter is stating that Adam is a ‘danger to society/community’ and must report to court to state otherwise (or they’re just claiming he has that ability when they really just want him to walk himself into their custody). Tomorrow, at an undetermined time, Adam will have to face another judge and beg to stay out of a cage.

Adam and Macy are asking for folks to help them “Call Flood” the state actors who are working so tirelessly to cage Adam, most likely so that his work and message of “Freedom” will be silenced. Below are the names and numbers of those who work to restrict Adam’s Freedom, please consider making a call.

Please call Judge Patricia Broderick at 202-879-8345
Probation Officer Ashley Sims at 240-508-7915
*POLITELY remind them that Adam is not a threat to anyone and request that he be taken off probation or at least switched to unsupervised probation.

OR Support Adam and Macy’s efforts via these options below:

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