Short Copblock

Vincent Bess, USMCBess on YouTube, was at the gas station with his friend when he noticed police questioning a man. He decided to film it and sent it to as the first submission for the “Featured Content of the Month” contest. The above video contains  his footage, which I edited into a more compact video, it’s just too bad the officer didn’t actually stick around to chat with Vincent, like he said he would.

The video proves there are officers out there who continue to intimidate people who merely want to record their actions. And it says alot when police treat observers like this, yet demand those same people pay for their jobs. Are you fine with giving police your money and then being treated they way officers commonly treat people focused on accountability?

A special thanks to Vincent, not only for filming the police, but for submitting the first video for CopBlock’s Content Contest. You too can win up to $100 in swag and goodies, by writing a blog post, taking a picture or creating videos (copblocking or philosophical ones).

Not many have entered so the prizes are up for grabs, click the banner below for more details.

Ademo Freeman

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