The Darker Side Of Black Friday And Police Authority

November 27th, is one of the biggest shopping days of the year. A large number of people go to wait in line for hours, in hopes of getting the best discounted merchandise for the holiday season. But there is a darker aspect to this holiday tradition that is often times overlooked, but which grows with each passing year.

I’ve made a personal decision a few years ago to stop participating in Black Friday shopping for a number of reasons, but the main one being that it just reinforces police use of force against people. Authority uses two tools to control, culture and violence. You can see both utilized to control the masses most effectively one day that happens every year, Black Friday. Culturally law and control of speech are weaponized to control people, but when you add violence to the equation it becomes even more socially acceptable.

Because most people are raised to think violence solves problems, witnesses’ justification of their accepted cultural norms kick in: Well he must have deserved to be beaten by police, he tried to steal something. You break the law, you deserve to killed or beaten. And the more police abuse and kill people in broad daylight, but more it becomes socially accepted. If you ask an individual, is it acceptable to kill someone for stealing a toy from a store. Most reasonable people would say they would exhaust all other possibilities before using lethal force. But when you ask someone if it’s acceptable for a police officer to kill someone for stealing a toy from a store, somehow they justify it in their minds due to cultural conditioning.

The video below from a few years ago (2011) really had an effect on me when it came to Black Friday shopping. It’s a video of a grandfather suspected of shoplifting. They slammed this man face first into the concrete floor for putting a game into his waistband. He hadn’t left the store, so you can’t charge him with shoplifting. Legally you can walk around a store with merchandise in your purse, but until you psychically leave the store with the merchandise you have broken no laws. So to try and justify this man’s unconscious bloody face by saying he broke the law is ridiculous. He didn’t break any laws, and even if he did shoplift, do you think he deserved this treatment?


Then there’s this video, that happened just recently in 2015. It looks eerily similar does it not?


My personal opinion, is that this is another scare tactic to keep people in check and in a state of perpetual fear. So that they obey authority out of fear, because otherwise you will be the next example of their punishment system.  There is no correction, rehabilitation, retribution…there is only violence and punishment using a public forum to get their message across to the masses.

Don’t misunderstand me, there are certain circumstances, an agglomeration of people can have an unfavorable outcome. When a persons conscious personality vanishes, and their emotions and feelings overcome rational thought they may act in ways they normally wouldn’t. And when the psychological crowd forms a single being and the individual becomes subjected to the mental unity of crowds.

This phenomena can have both a positive and negative outcomes. But authority is about control, and authorities violent influence within the psychological crowd will without a doubt always have a negative outcome regardless of any other circumstances. Because deep down all of us want to be free of control and enslavement, whether its the freedom of our purchase dollars or freedom of speech.

Unfortunately though, in this consumer culture we have larger gatherings of people to get discounted TV’s than liberating man as a whole. And when there are large gatherings of people to bring awareness to any cause of liberation they tend to be met with equal or excessive force. The force of authority will be there to publicly abuse people, embedding in the psychological crowds subconscious that they will always have control over you. It is reasonable to say that any large gathering of humans or even animals their will be leadership roles that individuals almost automatically assume. There will always be followers and leaders, unfortunately we often see people of action who take the leadership role and not people of thinkers. These people are not gifted with foresight and they cant, because that quality conduces doubt. These people are the nucleolus in which the opinions of the crowd are grouped. And the people or followers within the crowd are hypnotized by it. Throughout history dangerous and insane people have slithered their way into these roles to get others to blindly follow their orders to commit horrific damage to others and even themselves.

I see this all playing out when I watch videos of Black Friday. It’s a sickness in so many ways, from the mindless consumers, to the order followers and the evil that consumes them all. Evil is a lack of freedom, evil strips freedom from people and causes more damage than any one of as individuals could ever be capable of.  I hope you all have a safe holiday season.



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