Epic Troll of Police with a Root Beer Bottle and Camera (VIDEO)

In the video above Adam Rupeka, of Capital District CopBlock, pulls off an EPIC troll of the Rensselaer, NY Police by drinking a root beer outside of the police station. Yet, the video isn’t just a troll of epic proportions because Adam highlights several tactics anyone can use when interacting with the police. He noted some of these in the description of the YouTube video:

Key things in this video-

1: You never have to answer a cops question! If you do you are only helping them to cage you and hold you for ransom.
2: You do not have to hand over any ID or tell them your name, unless they can articulate a crime about to happen or in progress. Just because it’s their policy to document doesn’t make it law!
3: Notice how because I didn’t answer his questions right away he uses the line “take your hands out of your pocket because you are making me nervous”. When did we hire such fearful little people?
4: Asserting your rights is not disrespectful! Giving up your rights is disrespecting yourself!

So obviously it’s not an alcoholic beer but a Root Beer. A friend and I figured we’d take a funny photo in front of the police station. Now the bottle says Root Beer on the front. The Police can’t help themselves. They will make a crime up to make an arrest.

This is a great example of a highly educational, informative and hilarious CopBlock video. It might even be the best one of the year! Adam highlights a small, victimless crime – drinking alcohol in public – and shows people not only how the police often overreact but also how to exercise your rights when interacting with the police.

As Adam noted above he didn’t have to answer their questions and that it only helps them to cage you. This is true of course but many CopBlockers choose to talk to the police anyways – mostly because they are trying to make a point. Notice that when Adam speaks to the cops he’s often answering their questions with another question. For example, when Adam was asked, “What are you drinking a beer?” He replied with, “Do you think I’m drinking a beer?” Even the cop noticed that it was “answering a question with a question.” This is a must know tactic when conversing with police. The reason it’s valuable is because for an arrest, or search, to take place police need to clearly articulate the crime/law that’s being broken. When you ask questions you force them to do that in detail. It might not keep you from being arrested but it might keep you from being convicted.

Adam then went on a schooling the several Rensselaer, NY police officers standing around. Explaining to them that he doesn’t have to answer their questions, show them what’s in his bottle or provide his ID. The encounter becomes even more comical when the cop tries to justify his actions by placing the blame on Adam for being difficult, even stating that he had “more important stuff to do.” Though when Adam “dismissed” the officers they refused to leave, just lingering around for what seemed to be no reason at all. Until one of the sidekick officers piped up and said, “So, do you have ID?” Claiming that they needed it for their reports and due to department policy. Yet, as Adam noted above, the department’s policy doesn’t supersede the law and the cops retreated to their den.

Below are some more of Adam’s videos – my favorites are his drone videos – and you can start making your own CopBlock videos too. Visit the several subpages of the CopBlock.org “Resources” page to learn about gear, tactics, local CB groups and filming the police tips. If you have a video, or write up, about police you’d like to share, you can do so via the CopBlock.org submission tab.


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