Our Rights?

Recently Constitutional freedoms and the gradual erosion thereof have seemingly become the rhetoric of so called Tea Party members or tea-baggers. I wish to warn the rest of us that, even though you may revile the Tea Party and what it stands for or what you think it stands for, it is still a movement of Americans by Americans and for Americans. I want to remind you of what exactly it means to be an American at it’s most basic essence.

The constitution has been called by some the most perfect document ever written. It is beautiful in what it guarantees each and every one of us regardless of political stance. The slow but eventual erosion of our constitutional rights should not be disregarded as the babble of far right or radical conservatives fixated on some conspiracy theory of a new world order or a creation of a nazi police state. Americans of every stamp need to take heed and educate themselves on what exactly is being done in Washington by both the people on each side of the aisle. After 9/11 the actions of our government have become more and more intrusive upon us and less and less liberious. With the stroke of a pen our government has been whittling away at our perfect document. The theft of your rights is not something to disregard as rhetoric by some loony with a protest sign it is real and it is happening.

The writ of habeus corpus has been suspended and although it has not been implemented against any citizens thus far is still a harbinger of terrible things to come. The ever broadening powers of the executive branch can only be allowed through a complicit congress and judicial system. I don’t need to deliver some civics lesson to remind everyone of the checks and balances in place. There are currently bills signed into law which give the Executive (the president) the right to declare martial law which is in essence the cancellation of our “inalienable rights” and the three branches of our government are in in collusion and allowing this to happen. This is not a matter of convenience but of necessity that we let OUR government know that we are not OK with this. The old adage goes that if you give them an inch they will take a mile, well I am here to tell you that the odometer is rolling and quickly. This is an issue for every American.

Remember “dissent is the highest form of patriotism” (Thomas Jefferson). Ask questions of your government and demand answers, demand satisfaction, demand integrity. The government in America has the sole purpose of protecting the liberties and rights of the people. When the government makes laws anathema to that then it is no longer a government of for and by the people. It is a government against it’s people. Lift up your eyes from the television screen or computer screen and find out what exactly is going on. You should never entrust your freedom to someone else, such is the behavior of sheep and not free individuals. Just as the sheep feel protected and cared for they feel this way only by relinquishing their freedom and capacities as an independent being. Do not look upon those in your government as benevolent shepards without first checking their credentials as there are good people in our government trying to do good things and defending our constitution just as there are bad ones.

The fundamental idea of this letter is only that despite our political differences the facts are the facts and disregarding them because life is busy or because the person presenting them does not share your political views is not prudent as you would want to be heard and taken seriously if something were dear to You. Remember that peace and security are not so dear as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery and that the people should defend their own liberties and freedoms and if for some reason this is not possible then we should ask the government to help us in that. The term republic comes from the Latin phrase “res publica” which means a kingdom of the people. Remember that in essence you are a sovereign individual with rights and that YOU are in essence, by decree of our constitution, the government and have every power nee right nee DUTY to alter or change it if it becomes violate of those rights. I am no conservative or right winger by any means. In fact those that know me would probably call me a socialist with capitalist tendencies. I believe in a strong benevolent government with socialist leanings and a policy of prosperity both economic and societal, meaning that the government should prosper the people with out violating their liberty or privacy. I believe that the government should be non-intrusive at the very least and only intervene at the people’s behest. But above all I believe in truth and truth alone.

– Michael Mortenson

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