Kenneth Walker: The ‘Other’ Chicago Cop Who Should Be On Trial for Murder

A Chicago Police Officer fired 16 rounds into a man who was no immediate danger to anyone and was charged with murder. Of course it took nearly a year, but Jason Van Dyke is now a household name in Chicago and to millions more these days. While people focus on the Van Dyke case there’s another murder by a Chicago Police Officer that’s been swept under the rug too, but with none of the outcry.

Kenneth Walker was off duty when he shot and killed Marlon Horton who was attempting to visit his girlfriend at a Chicago Housing Authority building on the Near West Side around 6:45 a.m. on Sept. 7, 2013. According to NBC Chicago:

Horton’s phone had died and he couldn’t call his girlfriend to let him into the building so he asked an off-duty Chicago Police Officer, identified as Kenneth Walker, and a CHA security guard, Shaquila Moore, to call her.

When the pair refused, they allegedly asked Horton to leave the scene. As he was leaving, he began urinating near the officer’s car and a confrontation ensued, according to the suit.

Following the scuffle, both Walker and Moore pulled out their guns and Horton was eventually shot as he moved toward Walker.

The videos below show the interaction between Walker, Horton, and the female security guard. It was captured on the building surveillance system.

The story is even worse than the graphic video above. After the shooting Walker not only failed to provide medical attention to Horton but he also fabricated his report of the event. Of course his account makes the shooting look justifiable.

The reality is the video shows Walker as the aggressor of the situation. Sure, his job – as a part-time security guard – might have allowed him to keep Horton from entering the building but it doesn’t allow him initiate force on him outside. That was clearly what Walker did when he kicked Horton and started the fight that ensued. He also ended it when he shot him, but there was no perceivable threat, IMO, that justified shooting him.

The Chicago police who responded to the 911 call made by Walker quickly cleared him of wrongdoing. Even though he wasn’t on active duty and there was clear evidence that a crime was committed, Walker remains free. And he’s still a COP!

While everyone knows Van Dyke’s name these days there aren’t too many Chicagoans who know about Kenneth Walker. He’s the ‘other’ Chicago Cop that should be on trial for murder, but he’s not. Instead he’s out there working the streets, to ‘keep you safe’, and helping other cops cover up their crimes.

Oh, and this won’t be the last killer cop we talk about in Chicago. The City has stated that it will be releasing the video of George Hernandez killing Ronald Johnson soon. How many killer cops are working on the Chicago police force these days?

Maybe a better question is why are the people allowing these murderers to ‘police’ their streets? Why are they paying their salaries via taxation? Something has to change because cops killing people in Chicago has been going on for far too long!


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