Shop With A CopBlocker! – Helping Those In Need

When I CopBlock it isn’t just about filming cops and holding them accountable, but also about holding myself accountable. This year I’ve decided to ‘walk the walk’ and kickstart the “Shop with a CopBlocker” event to promote helping those in need within our communities. Ademo and Janel, both CopBlock Network Contributors as well, have accepted my invitation to “Shop with a CopBlocker” as well.

Every year police departments across the nation expand their public relations to directly appeal to the Christmas spirit. Police have pulled over innocent citizens, just to surprise them with a gift card to Outback instead of a ticket. Another approach of their PR is to take children, homeless and those in need to a store to buy them things or presents. This approach is typically called “Shop with a cop”.

Unfortunately, often times these types of public relations are used by departments to increase their positive image with the public, and less about actually helping people. Police departments have admitted that these types of public relations are a good way to redirect the negative attention that they receive the rest of the year.

Despite their motive for doing this charitable work, in essence it may still provide a child or person in need some comfort that they may not have had otherwise. That is why we have decided that this holiday season we are going to do our best to help those in need from our own communities and use our voice to encourage others to do so as well.shop-with-a-cop-2-630x472

Instead of appealing to mainstream consumerism in buying cheap plastic junk from China, we intend to use the funds to give people what they really need e.g. food, clothes, hygiene products etc. Most of us at CopBlock strongly believe that a stateless, community oriented charity is much more effective than that of something created by government. Essentially, money allocated by government is stolen, regardless of what it’s being used for.

To jumpstart the funds necessary to carry out this event, the CopBlock Network will be contributing $100 to the pool, matching $25 from each of the contributors participating in the event.

12313904_1129264020417930_85187330082122442_nReaders are also encouraged to participate in this event! You may do so in one of two ways:
(1) Donate to the “Shop with a Copblocker” GoFundMe account. The funds raised from this account will be distributed evenly to the Copblock Network contributors who are shopping for those in need.
(2) Go into your own communities and shop for an organization or someone in need using your own money. Encourage your friends and family to join you or donate to the cause.

Videos and photos taken from this event can be submitted to blogger Ryan Scott for a collaboration video. Credit will be given accordingly for each submission. That information is provided at the bottom of this post. Donations will also be credited at the end of the collaboration video. You may remain anonymous if you wish.

Help us starve the state this holiday season by not letting someone who may be starving go without. When human beings come together as a community, the state doesn’t stand a chance in justifying its own existence in comparison!

Donations of all denominations are accepted and can be directed to the GoFundMe link provided HERE.
Please submit links of your videos and photos from this event to ryan.scott@copblock.org

I look forward to seeing you in the streets. Happy holidays!


Ryan Scott

Ryan Scott is a journalist and police brutality/accountability activist in the Northern Illinois area. Ryan is the founder of DeKalb County Cop Watch, Illinois Against Checkpoints, and also known for several viral videos involving police activism.