Fake Cops Raid House, Steal Christmas Presents

No-Knock Police Raids and Fake Police Raids Could Put Homeowner’s Lives at Risk and Leave Them Helpless on What to Do During a Break-In

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A Southwest Detroit home was raided by a group of burglars; who while entering the home announced to be police officers conducting a raid, reports Detroit’s Local 4 news.

It all started when the rear door of Tanya Davis’s home was busted in and four men came through screaming that this was a “police raid.”

The noise awoke Davis, but next thing she knew she was tied up with surgical tape and had a pillow case over her head.

While listening to the burglars conversation she realized they were not local police, but thieves.

“I heard the Christmas presents getting unwrapped and I kept begging them ‘Please whatever you want to do to me, just leave my kids their Christmas presents,'” Davis said.

Police were able to get a finger print off of one gift that was unwrapped and left behind.

Tanya Davis hopes its enough to catch the criminals.

Why would a group of criminals use a fake police raid as a reason to break into a home?

A fake police raid gives a criminal a strategic advantage causing the home owner to not be as alarmed, preventing an innocent individual from arming them-self, after all,  if it were a mistake the person most likely would want to cooperate.

This also shows why home-owners are in a tough position during a no-knock police raid and why so many innocent people die in them. A home owner may not know who is really entering their domain and just may be armed.

What ever happened to knocking first?
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