Copblock Radio: Now 2x Weekly!!!

As most of you probably know, the contributors at The Copblock Network are constantly working to bring you up-to-date news stories & new content that is original to the Copblock name. This is done by creating video tutorials, recording interactions with government employees, and even going on tour with the message that “Badges don’t grant extra rights.”

Thanks to reliable and willing Copblock Network Contributors, our friends at LRN.FM, and a steady fan base, we have also been able to bring you an awesome & original weekly radio show/podcast, that has been dubbed Copblock Radio.

Copblock Radio has gone through a number of guests and hosts over the time it’s been on the air. Tackling up to date topics, being ready with a no bullshit attitude, and pushing beyond mainstream media limits to get to the truth. The fans have gotten to know many contributors thanks to the ever changing lineup of hosts which has given the feeling of a close knit family of activists rather than a bunch of writers for a webpage.

Due to the nature of activism, many causes call us to places without reliable service. We are also faced with ever-changing & expanding personalities and goals throughout life. Therefore, Copblock radio has turned into more of a living, changing entity. It’s become a voice for the current movements within the Copblock network and a chance for even more people to hear the message of the police state and badges don’t grant extra rights.

It is in that spirit that we are happy to announce the creation of: Another Night of COPBLOCK RADIO!!

Thanks in part to many factors, we have been able to run a second episode of Copblock Radio for the last 3 weeks. The show was not without glitches and bumps, but we persevered through to produce a well-planned and entertaining show. The show consists of The Oath Accountability Project’s Matt Taylor & Scott Marshall, Rick Gonzales of Lehigh Valley CopBlock, and myself. We have been in talks with producers from LRN.FM and it looks like there is a 10pm slot on Monday nights that would work perfect. We are shooting for a mid-January goal for the LRN live feed, but at this time we are running live shows on YouTube and over podcast. 

This is taking place at the same time that our usual host for Wednesday nights (Derrick J) is taking a long vacation. Because of Derrick’s trip, I am picking up the hosting responsibilities for both shows. It’s a big job and I am doing my best to keep the show fun and informative for everyone. Its really been an honor to serve the cause in this way. One thing is for sure: we have no shortage of stories to report on and no shortage of drive to end the police state!

To sum up the news: Copblock Radio will be on Mondays AND Wednesdays @10pm!!! We’re only live on YouTube & podcasts for the remainder of 2015, but we will also be back on LRN.FM for live shows beginning in the new year.



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