Rape victim arrested, banned from airport for refusing TSA “enhanced pat-down”

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  • Ogre

    The government lies never end, do they? From the article:

    “An ABIA spokesman says it is TSA policy that anyone activating a security alarm has two options. One is to opt out and not fly, and the other option is to subject themselves to an enhanced pat down.”

    They failed to mention option #3: being physically attacked and thrown in jail.

    I think the worst part of the article is the two people quoted at the end that actually claim to feel safer because this “dangerous” woman is in jail. That’s so sad and really makes me realize we’ll not see freedom in America again.

  • Jack Nauti

    Those two people toward the end have no clue. They’ve given up their rights and support the taking of others’ — as far as I’m concerned they’ve thereby given up their right to be called “American”.