Cop Taps on New 2015 Mustang and Flips Out When Driver Asks Him to Stop

[UPDATE: It seems the police in this video are of the Minneapolis  Police Department. This information was given to my by Andrew Henderson, of MN CopBlock. The video was posted to their FB page last night and Monte apparently is a MN CopBlocker.]

The video above was sent to us via the Submission tab by a regular reader. I put a message in with the YouTube channel “Monte Roach” to see if I could get the police officer’s name and department. Yet, that message hasn’t been returned as the time of this posting.

The interaction starts with the officer inquiring, “what’s up?” He doesn’t explain why he pulled over the driver of a new 2015 Mustang but instead inquires about what the driver is doing. It isn’t until the driver states that he might be able to prove his exact locations, via a smartphone app, that the officer explains he’s been stopped for speeding.

Then the officer starts to tap on the man’s car and the driver requests that he stop. The officer replies with, “Are you shitting me right now?” And then rudely states that the man shouldn’t be speeding through his sector. As if speeding on a road that is hardly trafficked is comparable to damaging someone’s property. The guys in the car can’t believe the attitude of the officer and his lack of respect for the man’s $40,000 car.

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The back and forth finally ends when the officer is offended by the driver informing the cop what we all already know, that police officers commonly over react and kill people. That’s why these guys were filming in the first place and it’s why most people are nervous (and therefore shaking) when they interact with police. Surprisingly, the filming, back talk (as the cops would see it) and request to stop damaging property didn’t lead to further police bullying. Instead the duo was allowed to continue on their way to pick up there friends.

Of course, they had to listen to a little rant from the police officer about how his job is to stop street racing. Maybe the officer was simply trying to justify his actions or seem more useful than most cops. Either way, he failed and now the world will get another example of why you should always film the police. The filming of this stop probably kept him at bay. Even if it didn’t the guys in the car were already rolling, so if it did escalate they would have captured the bully cop and his aggressive actions.

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