How You Should Respond To A Copsucker

In today’s show, we discuss the “Copsucker”  and bring awareness to this rare breed of individual. With our special guest Joshua Scott Hotchkin, we will be having a detailed discussion about what a copsucker is  and help build up the defenses of Copblockers everywhere, by arming them with ready-made responses for the most common trolling comments that the copsucker brings to the table.

We open today’s show with yet another Walmart shooting involving a BB gun. The shooting took place in East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania and the victim of the shooting was Andrew Joseph Todd. We discuss our outrage of people being killed over BB guns. The fact that only days after the shooting the police have already ruled it justified just goes to further show you the bias involved in a police shooting.

In the next segment we begin talking about another local shooting for our Pennsylvania show hosts. This one involves a family pet. It’s not a dog like most people might think. This time the police decided that their life was in danger by a simple family cat. The officer chose the least force possible to handle this situation by pulling his shotgun and blowing away the family pet, only houses away from the owners. Since this was a local incident I have a unique insight as I was able to interview the victims. We discuss all of the details that are known to me.

After our commercial break we introduce our special guest Joshua Scott Hochkins.  He is a former editor, full-time writer, and Copblock Network contributor.  Josh helps provide us with unique insight into the next story that we discuss about a copblocker  out of Keene New Hampshire. James Cleveland of Keene New Hampshire is charged with wiretapping and various other charges stemming from handing out jury nullification flyers outside of the local courthouse. He is facing up to one and a half years in prison. This story is especially touching to most cop blockers because of the Free Keene movement  and all of the activism that happens down in Keene New Hampshire. A lot of the “copblock” movement’s original members are from that area and I know I personally feel a special bond knowing that such a large movement started in such a small town. It’s like feeling connected to people that you don’t even know. My thoughts and prayers are with those fighting corruption there.

We affectionately dubbed the next segment “WELCOME COPSUCKERS”. Josh has been working tirelessly over the last several weeks and months to bring a brand new area of exploration to those seeking enlightenment about the “COPSUCKER”. This is not a simple webpage. This is a labyrinth of seeming endless links and endless answers.

In the top of our second hour, we begin with a story that was unplanned. When one of the co-hosts saw the video in a commercial break, he decided it had to be seen and we addressed it. The video we showed clearly shows a NYPD officer sucker punch a 14 year old so hard that the store window he is in front of shatters.

In keeping with the trend of cops breaking windows we decided to jump to a story about a lawsuit out of New Jersey. In a viral video, the victims in this lawsuit were pulled over harassed and eventually even dragged out of the car for the horrible crime of standing up for one’s own rights. We have agreed unanimously that all people should avoid New Jersey at all costs.

Finally, we wrap up the show with some fun. While DEO updated the “12 Days of Christmas” contest, he added a third place slot. We also got to enjoy some of the submissions already in such as:

12 Days of Christmas

  • 12 feared for my life
  • 11 lies under oath
  • 10 faked reports
  • 9 “he lunged at me”
  • 8 botched raids
  • 7 civil forfeitures
  • 6 murdered pets
  • 4 “quit resisting”
  • 3 slain children
  • 2 paid administrative leaves
  • And a seat belt ticket for free

If you have a parody about police abuse to the 12 days of Christmas Please submit it to:

Maybe yours will be picked for a video and you can win a T-shirt.

Before we closed the show we had to celebrate a big win for justice.  Former Oklahoma Police Officer  Daniel Holtzclaw was convicted of 18 counts of sex crimes after his attacks on black women while in his uniform. He wept in court while the judge read off his 200+ year sentence.

Join us next week for Special Guest James Cleveland to discuss his recent win against the police state!!
MONDAY December 21st @ 10pm  


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