“You’re NOT Shot Sir, Get Out of the Car” Paradise Officer Feaster After Shooting Man on “Accident”

The shooting of DUI suspect, Andrew Thomas, by Patrick Feaster of the Paradise police just keeps getting worse. It was already the most negligent shooting I’ve seen in awhile but as the facts continue to pour in the more messed up this case is.

First, no charges were to be filed against Feaster because the DA claimed that it was an accidental shooting. See my original post here.

Then after a great deal of public outcry the District Attorney, Mike Ramsey, released his reports and explains his reasoning (if you can call it that). Which basically says that the public is too stupid to understand the complexity of the law, see his reports here. Yet, while the police and district attorney’s office will routinely hold people in cages while they FIND something to charge a person with, none of that was done here.

Now, more audio has come out from the several officers who were on scene that day. Aside from waiting 11 minutes to tell anyone, including paramedics, that he had shot the man this audio points out several other factors.

First, Feaster himself tells the man he shot in the next that, “You’re not shot sir, get out of the car.” That is simply disturbing.

To shoot a man, then fail to assist him, fail to notify anyone of what you’ve done and spend valuable minutes searching for your casing instead of helping others in need is simply heartless.

While that’s a pretty disgusting act in itself we get a glimpse into police culture just minutes later when another officer goes to see Thomas in the car. During that exchange you can hear the officer asking Thomas who shot him. When he replies, the cop (presumably) the officer replies, “that cop did not shoot you.”

Without even asking the cop simply sides with his boy in blue and walks away. While most people would have asked, “Hey man, this guy says you shot him.” Not with police, they just assume it didn’t happen and walk away from a person in need of medical assistance.

While Feaster is cleared of facing criminal charges the department is investigating his actions for policy violations. Yet, I wouldn’t hold your breath. According to OrovilleMR.com the Chief said the investigation will take a month; a month that Feaster will spend on paid administrative leave:

Paradise Police Chief Gabriela Tazzari-Dineen expects the internal affairs process after the Nov. 25 shooting of an alleged drunken driver by officer Patrick Feaster to be completed by mid-January.

Tazzari-Dineen noted on Thursday that she can’t release the results even then under state law, but she did lay out a potential timeline for the investigation, led by former Paradise Police Chief Chris Buzzard.

Feaster is on paid administrative leave and the driver, Andrew Thomas, is reportedly paralyzed from the chest down.

Tazzari-Dineen was asked her reaction after the release of body camera video, provided to this newspaper after a request was made to Butte County District Attorney Mike Ramsey. In the video, officers arrive after Feaster shot Thomas but aren’t told for several minutes that Thomas had been shot.

Feaster tells a watch commander, who is preparing to leave for the bar Thomas left to see if he’d been shot there: “No, no. I had an A.D. (accidental discharge). … I don’t think I shot him. I wasn’t even pointing at him, but the gun did go off.”

“As you know I cannot comment on Officer Feaster’s actions that night since we have an open Internal Affairs Investigation,” she said in an e-mail to this newspaper. “However, what I can say is that the video you prepared accurately depicts what occurred that night and shows that Ms. Ehorn was being attended to by the assisting officers.”

How come this officer isn’t being prosecuted for his egregious actions? How can he carry a badge and a gun anymore? What are your thoughts? Comment below, on your social networks or in the YouTube area.



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