Copblocker Calls Out State Trooper For Speeding

On a bright Tuesday afternoon I was leaving work when a well-known unmarked state police vehicle drove around me without emergency lights at approximately 20 miles over the speed limit. I was eager to learn what the emergency (trying not to speed myself) was, so, I followed from a safe distance. Eventually the state trooper arrives at the local police department. I questioned the cop and called him out about his double standards regarding the law.

The trooper, who was not in uniform, immediately threatened me with retaliatory citations. The unidentified trooper was asking if I had a “certified speedometer” in my truck. Not intimidated, I insist the trooper is in the wrong. The trooper claimed that it was illegal to follow him.  When I corrected him, stating I can follow public servants, the trooper said “not at the speed [limit] I was going.” This is a clear admission of guilt. I follow the trooper into the lobby where there was another officer waiting. I ask the officer to write the trooper a ticket to no avail. After I turned on my Cell 411 livestream, I returned to the lobby to try and get a name and badge number. Trooper Unmarked Car

Oath Accountability ProjectThe person to respond was none other than the Lehighton Police Chief Brian Biechy. The Chief was less than helpful and is the same Chief involved in a controversy earlier this year when a ‘right to know request’ revealed the he had not filed a complaint made to him about a subordinate. Therefore, it’s not surprising that he didn’t identify the unknown trooper. 

I thought it was a constructive use of my time to let the officer know that there are citizens out there who care and will not let them get away with breaking the law. It seems that a close knit club of lawless good ‘ol boys are running the show. It is evident to me that even though I have not met this officer before, that he already knows who I am and what I do.

You may contact the Chief and the trooper’s respective commander in the information provided below. Let them know that shiny badges do not grant extra rights!

Lehighton Borough Police Department

Address: 1 Constitution Ave, Lehighton, PA 18235

Phone:(610) 377-4002

Pennsylvania State Police Troop N Lehighton Pennsylvania: 9170 Interchange Rd, Lehighton, PA 18235

Phone:(610) 377-4270


The controversy with the Chief:




Scott Marshall

Scott Marshall is the founder of The Oath Accountability Project. A native of Richmond Virginia, now taking on The Police State from Central Pennsylvania.