What to Expect When Encountering Fairfax County Police

The Fairfax County Police Department made a video telling citizens how to behave during traffic stops.  The video was basically and updated version of one they had created several years earlier. Both videos encourage citizens to be obedient compliant little sheep while not setting any expectations or requirements for police officers. The video does admit to the legion of unmarked police cars FCPD uses, and assures viewers they are permitted to proceed to a safe, well-lit area to pull over and call  911 to confirm that it is actually a cop pulling them over and not one of the robbers or rapists who have been empowered to successfully pose as police officers thanks to the rampant use of unmarked cars for revenue generation.


If there’s anything we’ve learned about the Fairfax County Police Department, it’s that its officers are the ones who need training in how to behave properly, not the citizens. So the Northern Virginia Cop Block crew made their own video in response. Watch it below!