Most Egregious Police Killings Caught on Video in 2015

This year was an especially violent year for police. In 2013 the police killed 768 people, in 2014 they killed 1,108 and this year the police killed 1,155 (updated via people. Yes, every year the number of people killed by police has grown larger. That’s why Brain and I decided to make the video above highlighting some of the “Most Egregious Police Killings Caught on Video in 2015.” 

As Brian mentioned in the video above, the one thing that set these egregious acts by police aside from most others is the fact that they were caught on video, which re-enforces the always “Film the Police” concept. Since #AllLivesMatter we don’t want to see anyone become a statistic – not as a person killed by police or as the next cop charged with murder for ‘just doing their jobs’ – and encourage you to check out the links below. They will help to prepare anyone who has a police interaction and/or has to record one.

Below the informational links are the links/videos to the stories highlighted in the video above.

Information Pages: Apps Page: It’s been said that the camera is the new gun. Well, a smartphone without a streaming app is akin to a firearm without ammo. Live streaming, police scanner and police/protection alternative (like Cell 411) apps are all listen on this page. Providing you with a variety of reviews, usages and recommendations.

Film the Police Page: Documenting the actions of police employees can help protect you and others because it creates an objective record. You have the right to record anything in public – including, and some would say, especially – police employees. This page will provide you with a great base of knowledge for those interested, or curious, in filming the police.

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Don’t forget, if you do have a police interaction (or anything police related for the most part) you can share that at via the submission tab. It’s easy, fast and a CopBlock Network Contributors will assist you if needed.

Links to Stories Featured in Video

Charly “Africa” Keunang

Police had said that 43-year-old Charly Keunang attempted to grab an officer’s holstered firearm during a struggle after cops were called to the scene by another homeless man. The Keunang family maintains in the lawsuit however, that the body-cam footage does not back up that claim.

The footage from two police body-cameras have not been made public but the LA Times says sources told them the videos captured an officer shouting, “He’s got my gun” before police opened fire.


Walter Scott:

A video filmed by an anonymous bystander depicts an interaction between Slager and the victim, Walter Scott. The video depicts Mr. Scott struggling briefly to free himself from Slager’s reach. He seems to be slapping Slager’s arm away or knocking something out of the officer’s hand; he then quickly turns to run away. As he is running with his back toward Slager, Slager immediately draws his weapon and begins firing in rapid succession.


Want to share your experience with police? Simply click the banner to submit a post.
Want to share your experience with police? Simply click the banner to submit a post.

Samuel Dubose:

University of Cincinnati Police officer, Ray Tensing, observed Dubose driving near the Campus around 6:30 pm. After following him for a few blocks, Tinsing initiated a traffic stop for failure to display a front plate, and approached the vehicle. Officer Tinsing had told 911 dispatchers that he fired one shot, fatally striking Dubose in the head, because he was “almost run over” during the traffic stop. Tensing said in the incident report that he was “dragged” by the vehicle.

However, Joe Deters, the Hamilton County Prosecutor, said this murder was “Another asinine, senseless shooting.” Deters went on to say that Dubose “Didn’t deserve to be shot in the head” and that “he didn’t even deserve to be tased.”


Zachary Hammond:

Zachary Hammond was shot twice by Lt. Mark Tiller who claimed Hammond drove his car directly at him while he was attempting to make a petty drug arrest.

“The driver accelerated and came toward the officer. He fired two shots in self-defense, which unfortunately were fatal for the suspect,” Seneca Police Chief John Covington said.

An autopsy found that Hammond was shot twice – once in the left shoulder from behind, and once in the left side of his chest.

“The findings are telling,” Hammond family attorney Eric Bland said. “They directly contradict the narrative that Chief Covington has tried to shape in this matter. It was deceptive to state that Zachary was shot in the ‘chest and shoulder.’ It did not give it proper context. It implied that the officer shot Zachary from the front. He did not. The shots were clearly fired from the side to the rear of the vehicle through [the] driver’s open window at close range.”


Mario Woods:

In San Francisco today an unarmed black man was executed by firing squad made up of San Francisco’s finest. The police claimed the man had a knife and was the suspect in a stabbing. The man never resisted or made any aggressive movements toward any of the 8-10 police officers that had their weapons trained on him. The video is only 15 seconds long as that is the limit for Instagram videos but it shows the man bang on a metal door and begin to walk off before the cops unleash a hail of bullets from their weapons. The person filming dives into the bus for cover just as they start shooting but a cacophony of gunshots ring out leaving the viewer with the sad conclusion that another life was senselessly ended by law enforcement.

If this execution hadn’t been captured on video, it could easily have been passed over as another incident of a suspect lunging at an officer or making aggressive movements with his knife, causing the officers to in turn fear for their lives. Instead, objective evidence now exists that shows the opposite. Rather than trying to fight with the police, the man tried to leave, literally walking away from the police only to be stopped by a hail of bullets.


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Listen to CopBlock Radio and other Liberty Minded Programs on LRN.FM

**Brian Sumner and myself wrote the script, edited video and compiled research for this project. We relied on for our numberical calulations.**

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