UPDATE on Arlington, VA Officer Caught Parking Illegally

I shot this video as I was going through my daily (weekdays that is) list of police departments to call.  To bring those just joining us up to speed.  Pete Eyre,  who blogs at Liberty is My Homie and fellow Cop Block supporter, took this video in January of Arlington Police Officer(s) disobeying the cities parking laws.  He documented the violation on his camera then approached the three officers standing near by.  He asked them if they were going to ticket their police cruiser, at which time the cops laughed and shrugged him off.  Pete then stated that he wanted the cops to know that they don’t have any more rights just because they carry a badge.

That is about the time I started Cop Block and decided to use Pete’s video as our first project.  I wanted the first call flood, which is what I’m calling it, to  show how the ‘system’ works.  I want people to be able to see the double standard police officers have when investigating their own.  It’s why I’m not being overly aggressive with these folks, I merely want to get their perspectives on the matter.

As you hear in the video, Cassidy’s perspective is that he’s investigating an employee, which is different from what cops do, I guess.  Therefore, is following company policy instead of doing what’s right.  Like I pointed out to him in our conversation,  Cops all the time will ticket people for victimless crimes or with shaky evidence.  When that person pleads their case or asks for a break the cop(s) often say, “you have your day in court, I’m just doing my job.”  Yeah, except you don’t do your job when its one of your own.

If this double standard is something you can’t understand, feel free to call Officer Cassidy at 703.228.7920.  Tell him that you don’t appreciate cops receiving special treatment.  It shouldn’t take a 30 day investigation to see that this officer broke the law.  Issue him a ticket and let him go through the process like everyone else.   After all, that’s what police would tell a non police officer.

UPDATE: 2.22 at 5:30 pm I received this email from D. Cassidy:

Your Freedom of Information Act request has been received by my office.  You have requested information requiring research.  Pursuant to Section 2.2-3704 (B) (4) of the Code of Virginia (Freedom of Information Act), an additional seven working days (beyond the expiration of the initial five working day response time delineated in the Code) will be required to locate the documents involved and determine their status for release.

In regards to your most recent voice mail, yes, we have identified the officer responsible for the vehicle in question; and yes, that officer remains on full duty.

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