Thank You Copsuckers For All of Your Help In 2015!

As 2015 draws to a close, the year in which policing re-entered the public spotlight in a major way, I would like to thank everybody who helped us spread our message in the past year. Of course, our gratitude for our fans and regular readers and those share our stories or send us theirs is beyond thanks. We appreciate everything that you do and we would be nothing without you. Yet there are also those who profess to hate us and everything we stand for whose unwitting contributions go a long way in spreading our message. Here are some things copsuckers do that help.

  1. Comments – Your comments both on the website and social media help to keep our website highly visible and in the top of search results, as well as assisting us in social media by keeping our posts in the feed through the algorithmic behaviors of interaction. Whether you comment to thank us and agree, or to tell us we are totally stupid and you hate our stupid faces, your contributions help us to keep our message at the forefront. We cannot thank you enough for all your hard work!
  2. Comparative Examples – I know that most of you think you are geniuses whose logic is impeccably wise, but that is not what intelligent people see when they read your trite nay sayings. Sure, we may also have attracted some followers who are not the brightest, but you often look like an inverted mirror image of the ‘kill all cops’ idiots. You are a testament to the sort of vapid stupidity inherent in your worldview, which is why intelligent people who share it and then see your activity are increasingly coming to our side. Your service in these matters is greatly appreciated.
  3. No Suck Thing As Bad Press – By coming out against us and forming your own anti-CopBlock groups and alliances you are helping us tremendously to receive exposure. Other media outlets have picked up on the rift and written about it, which helped to widen our audience and spread our message. An organized response against us just feeds us new readers, some of whom undoubtedly stick around and absorb our message. As they say…

“Once you go block, you never go back.”

Of course, if you just stopped doing all of that now, then we would appear unopposed and gain a greater following from that. No matter what you do, or no matter what happens to us, our message wins. I am sure it must be painfully aggravating to know that no matter what you do it will benefit our agenda and vision, but it least it gives you something to do while you ride out the existential angst you subconsciously experience at living in a world of uncertainty that is tainted by the limitations of authoritarianism. Whatever gets you through the day, we understand. We are just elated at being the beneficiaries of your misplaced anger and frustrations.

So for all of your tireless efforts in helping us towards a world of justice, peace and harmony free of aggression from the state, we thank you very fuckin’ kindly and wish you and your families a Merry Christmas and the very best in the New Year.

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Alia Atreides

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