Fort Myers Police and Lee County Sheriff’s Violate Man’s Rights; Search His A$$ (VIDEO)

**Originally published at South Florida CopWatch by Nathan Dimoff**

Written by: Nathan Dimoff

Fort Myers Police Department and Lee County Sheriff’s Office perform an illegal bodily rectum search on the side of the road. Skip to 9:00.

A video was recorded by the victim’s family member last Thursday being illegally detained, harassed and physically violated. According the Todd Chrisp (not the one recording), who is one of the victims family members, the victim was pulled over for rolling a stop sign.

According to Todd and the video it shows both departments breaking Florida Statute 901.211. The statue is posted at the bottom for those that want to read. Todd believes the reason of this pullover is that because this person is a family member of his.

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Todd says that on multiple occasions, Officer Arturo Gonzalez has harassed him and his family, filed tickets of crimes that were not committed, sat outside his house over and again, and even arrested for a victimless crime that happened when he was not even in the city of the crime. On his Facebook profile he has multiple videos of each interaction.

There is also allegations that came from LCSO in a video where Mike Scott (sheriff) acted very unprofessional which can be found on NBC2 website. Mike Scott stated that he has arrested Todd’s father and grandfather when Todd’s father has never been arrested, given a ticket, and lives in New York.

We will be meeting with Todd and hopefully the one who got illegally bodily rectum searched in person this week and following up with another article.

Florida Statute 901.211 states that they must have probable cause to believe that the “arrested” person is concealing a controlled substance in order to conduct the body search; the search has to be on premises where the search cannot be observed by persons not physically conducting or observing the search; Observer has to be the same gender; and the on duty supervisor has to provide written authorization. Whoever was videotaping was not conducting the search, and there was a woman seen in the video who was a onlooker (not the same sex). I am supposing the guy who they were waiting on was the supervisor. They conducted the search out in the open wherein everyone was looking.

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