Open Letter To White Police Officers: Why Do White Officers Aggressively Police Black Communities?

Dear, White Police Officers

As an African American, I want to say not every black person hates white police officers. There are some good cops out there and we appropriate you not killing, beating or framing us for crimes we did not commit. Trumping up charges on us and all of the despicable crimes white officers do to black people.

If you’re going to “Patrol/Police” in our communities you have to:

A.) be resident of the jurisdiction you’re working for.

B.) At least be urban, we need you to be a make up of the people you’re supposed to be ‘protecting and serving’ just like Chinatown and the Jewish communities.

C.) Stop the Aggressive Policing tactics and styles. We have seen far too often and in a vast majority of cases PEOPLE OF COLOR being MURDERED & EXECUTED by these so-called “GOOD COPS” out just doing their jobs over a TRAFFIC INFRACTIONS & other PETTY CRIMES”

D) We are sick and tired of being sick and tired. When a police officer shoots and kills an unarmed person of color they resort to the only COP OUT they know – “I FEARED FOR ME LIFE.”

You can’t mistreat us, beat us, shoot us. kill us, falsely imprison us then when we clapback you want to then run back into hiding? Our police departments need to make up the communities whom it’s sworn to ‘protect and serve.’

We are not anti-cops, we realize we need law enforcement but good honest law enforcement. We do not want AGGRESSIVE, STEROIDS PUMPING, RACIST WHITE POLICE OFFICERS policing in black communities. Why don’t they work in the suburbs? Midtown or out in the country? Most white police officers have no relation to the communities they are working in, they don’t relate, they can’t relate nor do they even try to.

Now I know what you’re thinking, you are going to make the argument that “there are white officers who came from the same struggle as black people?” Right? Well, let me enlighten you on some facts, in a recent study from Stanford and a fact known by most African Americans – even among white and black families with similar incomes, white families are much more likely to live in good neighborhoods with high-quality schools, day-care options, parks, playgrounds and transportation options.

The study comes to this conclusion by mining census data and uncovering a striking pattern: White (and Asian-American) middle-income families tend to live in middle-income neighborhoods. Black middle-income families tend to live in distinctly lower-income ones. Most strikingly, the typical middle-income black family lives in a neighborhood with lower incomes than the typical low-income white family.

Go to your neck of the woods and police like you do the black communities, I promise you would be doing us a public service.

Why do you think white officers aggressively patrol in black communities and not Korean/Chinese/Jewish Communities?

sir maejor

is a Atlanta- based community activist/ advocate and the Senior Justice Writer for Cop Block Atlanta. Sir Maejor works in entertainment industry and in the criminal justice system. He isn't just one of those faces who sits around and hope for a change to come, but yet he's one who rolls up his sleeve and starts getting involved to make a difference.