Confronted: Atlanta Police Officer Melissa Nowak Put On Blast For Bullying Citizens

After three months of police harassment,  Sir Maejor calls out Atlanta Police Melissa Nowak (Atlanta's Biggest Bully) and letting everyone know who she is ... a bully.I am tired of her bullying members of my community,. Several people have come up to me with complaints about her. The way she speaks to people, things she has been saying to people about me etc.

I want everyone to know they NO LONGER have to be afraid of this bully. If they see her, they are ordered to film for their protection. FILMING THE POLICE is NOT A CRIME.

I believe if you film the police it won't be your word against theirs, it would be their word against what actually happened. They can no longer lie in police reports.



sir maejor

is a Atlanta- based community activist/ advocate and the Senior Justice Writer for Cop Block Atlanta. Sir Maejor works in entertainment industry and in the criminal justice system. He isn't just one of those faces who sits around and hope for a change to come, but yet he's one who rolls up his sleeve and starts getting involved to make a difference.