Retaliatory Harassment of Citizen by Vienna Ohio Police Chief Bob Ludt

The content below was sent in by Jacob Evans, via the submissions page. Jacob describes how he has been harassed by the Vienna, OH. Police Department, including Township Police Chief Bob Ludt after having a disagreement with some of the patrol officers concerning their use of the property where he works to generate revenue via radar gun speed traps.

12/28/2015 – 12/29/2015

I work at a personally owned cemetery in Vienna, Ohio called Crown Hill. I’m the maintenance supervisor. A few months back a officer was running radar in the parking lot, which I felt uncomfortable with him being on the property. So I went over and told me I didn’t feel safe with him being there because I didn’t know him and he had a gun. He said okay and left.

The next day and for a few times a day after that, they started driving around the park, which is fine with me. They can patrol the park and make people feel as if there is a police presence for their lost family member.

A few weeks later, another officer showed up and was running radar. I had a funeral that day and he was also blocking me from getting to my vaults. So I asked him to leave. He refused and said he had permission. I told him I was a extension of the owner and I have rights to remove him from the property. He again refused and told me to call my owner. I told him he needed to move and leave the property that he was now trespassing. He still refused. I parked my truck in front of his car to block his view of running radar. He eventually left.

The next Monday, his chief came down to the office to complain about me asking him to leave with a written complaint against me by the officer I had asked to leave the grounds that Saturday. I was called into my officer by the GM and owner and was explained that we want a police presence on the grounds. I told them I felt uncomfortable with police being on the grounds while I was working. He said as long as they’re not in my way of me doing my job they can be. I agreed and went about my days.

Vienna Oh Township Police DepartmentThe Vienna police now go out of their way to provoke me by sitting in the parking lot as much as they can and driving thru the cemetery daily. Being I was told they could, I ignore them. About a week ago, the officer sat in the parking lot and waited till I got off work and followed me clear thru Vienna until I reached Liberty, a neighboring city. I didn’t let it bother me.

Yesterday, as I was leaving the same officer followed me again. This time, to the gas station down the road and parked across the street to watch me pump gas. Then left before I did and went up the road to another gas station. (Knowing that I travel this way to go home). As soon as I pulled out, the officer then followed me south on State Route 193 for about three miles out of his jurisdiction clear out of Vienna into Liberty Township before finally turning around.

I got on my head set and called the Vienna Police Department and asked to speak to the chief on the phone. I told him what had happened and explained it was the same officer who I had had the issue with just a few months ago. I told him I was now being harassed and that I didn’t feel safe with this officer following me. He said that he was not following me and that I had something to hide from them if I felt unsafe. I told him that I wanted to come up and file harassment complaint against the officer. He yelled and cut me off and said listen. I asked him not to tell, but he said he’ll tell me if he wants. (sic) I said no you’re the public servant and I’m the public. He then screamed good bye and hung up.

This morning I got to work, pulled the work truck out, and went to the bottom of the parking lot to wait for the office girl to unlock the office because I forgot my keys. The same officer then pulls up right next to me to run radar. I said or did nothing because my boss told me not to. Next thing I know, the chief pulled in, got out of his car, talked to the first officer, and then got back into his car, waving as he drove around me.

At that point, the office woman, Elli pulled in and went to go into the office. The chief came across the street, pulled up next to her, and began asking her what my problem was. I guess the phone conversation the day before slipped his mind. After they were done talking, Elli began to walk into he office. I rolled down my window and asked her what he was crying about.

Vienna Oh Township Police CarThat’s when he stepped out of his car and started walking towards my truck. I asked if he was the chief. He said yes. I asked if he was the one who hung up on me yesterday. He said yes. I smiled and just rolled up the window and locked my door. He came to the truck and pretended to scratch his nose, but give me the finger like he was a child hiding from the teacher. I then laughed at him which made him even more upset and he said I better be careful when I drive on the roads. To which I blew him a kiss.

Vienna and the area around it is a very small town. Everyone knows everyone. At this point, I am scared to travel to and from work. Or even be at work. Vienna does not have a court or mayor. I don’t even know who to file complaints to about these officers. They will only investigate themselves. Which clearly would do. Nothing. The office girl Elli. Knows that officer well. He is a friend of the family. I have texts from her after this that he was outta line and over stepping his boundaries coming to my work to get a spark from me. However, I’m not sure exactly who I can contact to file a complaint. Also I have no idea why I didn’t record all of this, but only the part of him talking to the other officer and getting into his car. I have my co worker as a witness to all of this. Please help or share this story.

– Jacob Evans


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