Can You Identify the Police Employees Who Assaulted This Man? (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

UPDATE (9:43pm): Carlos Miller, of Photography Is NOT a Crime, has reported that Maryland STATE police employees are the ones responsible for beating Bradley S. Martin on Aug, 17th, 2015. Of course, they also stated that the use of force was “reasonable.” As posted on PINAC:

TFC Hood gave multiple verbal commands directing the suspect to stop, but he did not. TFC Hood caught up to the suspect as he ran into a business establishment in the unit-block of Carroll Creek way. The suspect did not comply with verbal directions to get on the ground.

TFC Hood attempted to take the suspect into custody, but he continued to resist and would not comply with the trooper’s directions. The trooper saw and felt the suspect repeatedly try to get one or both hands into the pockets or waistband of his pants. The trooper was trying to gain control of the suspect’s hands as the struggle continued.

The suspect was continuing to try to get his hands into his pants when TFC Whorton arrived. TFC Hood told the backup trooper he thought the suspect may have a gun in his pants and he could not gain control of his hands. The trooper used closed hand strikes to the suspect’s face in an attempt to gain control of the suspect. TFC Bussard arrived and assisted in the attempt to arrest.

The suspect continued to struggle with the troopers and they could not gain control of his hands. TFC Whorton used additional hand strikes and the suspect submitted and was able to be handcuffed.

Special thanks to Carlos and the PINAC team. I pinged Carlos about this story knowing that multiple sources reaching out would be more effective at getting results. I also stated to Carlos that the police would be more likely to respond to PINAC emails than mine from “CopBlock.” I was right but it’s still good to get this answered and highlight the double standard.

The video above was sent to via the submission tab with the following text:

This was sent to me via a store (in a plaza) on Market Street, in Frederick Co. MD. From my understanding (which is vague) the arrest was for a small, “personal amount” of heroin. I was told neither the arrest, nor the incident was ever reported. The police officers also attempted to retrieve the original video from the security system. There is no sound. Not sure of any of the names. Original video available if someone wants to try and pull any info from it. All the officers actually involved appear to be sheriff deputies.

I attempted to do a google search for the Frederick Sheriff’s Department, heroin arrest, and excessive force combinations. I could NOT find any record of this video being shown to the public before. If what the submitter – whom I did reach out to as well, hoping to get a date or ONE name of a person present – says is correct and this arrest wasn’t reported, then we need to provide some help here.

If you know the victim or any of the officers in this video, especially the heavy handed one, please contact me here. If this is an unreported arrest (which I think is unlikely due to EMT’s being present), then this victim needs to know about this video. It would also be nice to put names to the officers for obvious reasons, so please, share and contact us if you know anything.

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Start building your own Cell so that you don’t have to rely on police. Click banner for more details

Maybe the Frederick Co Sheriff’s Department Facebook page is a good place to start, because clearly the actions of the second arriving officer are excessive. But to also fail to report the incident is going to be of major concern to them. I’m sure they’ll jump to tell us who threw 11 punches to the head of a man, who arguably didn’t need to be taken down in the first place as he seemed to give up upon entering the apartment building, for merely possessing a substance. It also seems that the officer did an eye gouge to the suspect, as well. All while nearly a half a dozen police officers stood by without saying a word (before or afterwards). I’m sure once they see this they’ll take action right? Or point us in the right direction and maybe even assist in taking such a violent man off the streets?

Yeah, I’m not so sure about that either. Which is why we need your help. Who are these cops!?!

Remember, contact us if you know who these thugs are and BIG PROPS to the property owner for turning over the footage.

PROTIP: If you don’t want to rely on kind property owners to provide footage of excessive force or wrongful arrest, then get “Cell 411” on your smartphone today. With Cell 411 you can livestream, notify friends of your location and much more. Don’t get arrested without it! 

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