TSA Aggressively Pats Down a 10 Year Old Girl!!!

The blockquoted text below was submitted via the CopBlock.org Submission tab by Kevin. You too can share your videos, stories or thoughts about the ever growing police state at CopBlock.org by clicking here. Kevin’s story is one that, sadly, pops up nearly every single holiday season. When millions spend their time driving in cars, boarding planes and traveling by other means of transportation to visit loved ones it’s only a matter of time before you encounter a government agent.

Kevin was unlucky enough to have a situation with the most worthless government agents of all, the Transportation Security Administration. According to Kevin he was:

Traveling home from Raleigh, NC to San Diego, CA after Christmas and the TSA at Raleigh Durham airport singled out my 10 year old daughter. I don’t know why? My daughter is an Honor Role student in the 5th grade but she was ordered her to submit to a “Full Body Pat Down” like a full blown terrorist.

We cleared the metal detector on the 1st try but my daughter’s hand bag was pulled from x ray machine because she had forgotten an unopened Capri Sun Fruit Juice pack. I removed it, threw it aways and  apologized thinking we’d be on our way. That’s when an Agent swabs a handbag and then claims the machine has detected explosive elements. I suggest they re-test the bag on a different machine, they [TSA Agents] refuse and ORDERS my daughter to submit to a Pat Down.


The TSA attempted to take us to a “Private Room” but I refused, demanding any search to be conducted where the public was present, and because I did not feel we would be safe if they took us to private room.

I stated I was going to video record the “search” of my daughter and the TSA agent told me I was not allowed to. That it was illegal, but good thing I read CopBlock.org and know better, so I challenge TSA agent as to my right to video and he soon backed off. Thanksfully all the other travelers were listening and hopefully learned something as well too.

Watch the video. I feel this was SICK and VIOLATES my daughter’s rights, as well as mine.

– Kevin

I agree with Kevin that this was SICK! These TSA screenings and procedures are just an act. They don’t keep anyone safe while they make the experience of flying a dreadful one. They only give you the perception of security but are really just another agency of the government’s whose purpose is to simply exist. Waste funds, maintain the fallacy and keep people in check.

This 10 year old girl should have had memories of grandma’s cookies, opening presents and (possibly) her first flying experience. Yet, look on her face in the video, does she look like she’s going to have happy thoughts about her last trip to the airport? When a stranger in a silly costume put her hands all over her? I don’t think so.

Thankfully Kevin took video and spoke his mind while the child molestation took place. Sadly, too many people are content with these physical groping sessions performed by these actors in the State’s security theater act, even when it comes to children. There was a time when people were protesting these and other intrusive tactics being forced upon us when we fly. Those times seem to have come and gone. Not one single person objected to Kevin’s daughter being touched by a stranger.


Because safety, of course! Though the TSA has never stopped a terrorist attack nor caught a actual terrorist, people still believe these “agents” are what keep the airports and planes safe. When all I see are people who are stealing people’s things, making flying unbearable and providing a false sense of security at a very high price; your liberties.




Ademo Freeman

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