Connecticut CopBlocker Calls Sergeant’s Bluff to Put Him in “Public Jail” Cell

Michael Picard sent me the email below (and video above) stating:

On Sunday, January 3rd, I was peacefully protesting a Connecticut State Police checkpoint, holding up the sign, “Cops ahead. Keep calm and remain silent,” encouraging motorists to exercise their constitutional rights. The checkpoint was in Hartford, CT, on Jennings road, on the 91 southbound on ramp. About an hour in, around 8:30pm, Sergeant Early of the Hartford Police Department approached me in vehicle #25 and asked what I was doing. I told him that I was holding up a sign, to which he said that I couldn’t stand on a public sidewalk and hold up a sign. I insisted that I am free to stand on a public sidewalk and hold up a sign. He continued by saying that he was giving me a warning, but if he came back around and I was still there he said he’d put me, “in a public jail cell, too, if I come back over here, I promise you.”

I continued to stand there for over an hour, as protesting on a public sidewalk is a clearly established First Amendment right. I was not blocking pedestrian traffic, nor was I impeding or blocking vehicle traffic.

When I first started watching this I thought for sure Picard was going to get arrested. Usually when cops pull these stunts and puff out their chest they take it to the iron cuffs. Yet, it seems Sergeant Early here was just puffing smoke and Picard was able to continue warning people of the upcoming government oppression.

He was probably lucky this time and did have a camera, still, I would highly suggest Cell 411. A peer to peer contact platform that allows you to alert those in your “Cell” of emergencies you might encounter. Picard seemed to have been alone while CopBlocking this checkpoint and bravo for him. It’s also why Early probably attempted to intimidate him but with Cell 411 you’re never alone. You can send notifications to as many people as you want, notifying them of your exactly location. You even have the ability to livestream so that your friends can watch exactly what’s happening. They can even download the video which could be critical in your jailed; see video below.


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Keep the man in the dark with TUNNEL CASE! Click Banner for DETAILS


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