Police Ban Protestor from 500 ft of sidewalk

This video was shot on Tuesday, in Escondido California at a Checkpoint held at around 11 am. They were demanding license and proof of insurance from everyone driving through. After standing on the side alerting people of the tyranny they would endure if they traveled down that road, the protester approached the tyrants.

This was an encounter with them when a protester tried to videotape the checkpoint.The police approached him, informing him he was banned from 500 ft of public sidewalk, claiming it was their “operational area”. They also claim they do not have to follow a new California law concerning car impounds, because they are not sobriety checkpoints.They did say they would follow it though, most likely to quell the recent protests held near city hall demanding resignations from officials involved in trying to claim they are not profiting from the impounds and $450,000 tow contracts with tow companies. More authoritarianism from the Escondido Police is no surprise.



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