Copblock Radio Episode 102 “Where Are All Of The Good Cops?”

Wednesday January 13 2016,
This week on Copblock Radio we opened with the 12 days of Christmas winners. Deo was able to meet with one of the winners and make a cool video with him that we watched.

Then we jumped into back to back stories out of the Cleveland area. (click links below for full stories)
Cleveland defrauding settlement winners
Tamir Rice Prosecutor Receives Death Threats

The next story we discussed was the documentary “Making A Murderer”. Don’t worry we did not give away any spoilers. We did play the preview video and encouraged everyone to watch it.

Our guest this week joined us for the final segment of the hour. We had on Brian Sumner. Brian is a writer for among other places and an activist. He gave us his perspective of our next story. The story was about the one year anniversary of the death of Autumn Steele.

(click here to download the episode)

We hit off the second half of the show with a story written by Brian Sumner. This one involves an officer that ran a stop sign, killing someone.

Brian stayed on through the rest of the show as we discussed several other stories.

Introducing the newest blogger – in which “Sir Maejor” of FX’s American Horror Story Coven, joins the blogging and Copblocking teams.

My Open Letter To The Chief Of Police –  Where I discuss a cover up in my home town and the letter I sent to the department.

We end the show with a video Deo made. Captain Ray Lewis of the Philadelphia Police speaking out against the officials involved in the Tamir Rice Case.

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