Man Records Harassment From Police Officer After Middle Finger Salute

Joshua Shackelford tagged me in a p0st on Facebook which contained a link to the first part of the video you see above (Joshua gave me permission to edit his three parts together, yet, you can see them below) to which he said:

I’ve been harassed over the past few months by our local “super cop.” Living in a very small town where everyone knows each other it’s difficult to avoid seeing the overwhelming police presence even on a quick trip to the gas station. On this night, I observed Officer [Barry] Cowan driving like a jackass and felt the need to let him know how I felt with my middle finger.

He then whipped behind me and pulled me over on my way to get fuel. He claimed it’s for a “seatbelt” violation, yet it can be seen in the video that I’m clearly wearing it. He blatantly lied on camera about the reason for making the stop. He kept demanding I get out. Threatened me. Threatened to bust my window out. All while I demanded his supervisor, who actually turns out to be a moron.

The video is in three parts because people kept calling and interrupting the recording process. His supervisor continued to threaten me and cuss at me and tell me I’ll go to jail yet can’t articulate any crime except being a smart ass. They feel their word is law in the town and I’m sick of it.

To make a long story short we didn’t have January’s insurance card in the truck, because we live busy lives. So, before long the officer tells us he goes in the store I’m at to see if the employee will “trespass” us, so he can tow the truck. I ended up with two tickets. One for no proof of insurance. And another for no seat belts. We had to call a ride until I could get my insurance card faxed in the morning. I look forward to court.

The video edits are due to calls that were coming in on Joshua’s phone and the police DID NOT tow the truck but Cowan (the officer butthurt about middle fingers) did write some extortion notices. Those were for no insurance (which he does have, just has yet to receive new card) and failure to wear a seatbelt.

Thing is we shouldn’t even be discussing either ‘violation’ because Cowan had no legal reason to pull Joshua over. When the video first starts you can tell the car’s in motion and that his seatbelt is on. Furthermore, Cowan immediately starts to escalate the situation by asking Joshua to step out of the truck. He doesn’t even accept his paperwork when offered to him. IMO, this shows that the stop isn’t about the seatbelt or insurance and is purely to harass Joshua.

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Keep the man in the dark with TUNNEL CASE! Click Banner for DETAILS

As he noted in the video if it was JUST A SEATBELT violation he could be issued his ticket and continue on his was. Cowan is NOT interested in simply doing his job and even threatens to break the window if Joshua doesn’t comply. Believing there was NO reason to step out of the vehicle Joshua request that a supervisor come to scene.

When Supervision Wade Barnett shows up you might think that the situation will come back to a more logical realm. Yet, that’s not the case. Not only does Barnett demand that Joshua step out of the truck too but he says, “You’re acting silly what’s wrong with you?” When threatening to take Joshua to jail over the matter.

Think about that again… the SUPERVISING OFFICER on a stop over a seatbelt ticket thinks the guy who’s exercising his right (and probably keeping the officer ‘safer’), providing all the information needed and being logical is the one who has something wrong with him?

Not the person who got his feelings hurt over a middle finger directed at him for months of harassment? As I watched this video I found myself wondering what was wrong with these police officers?

Just as I asked myself that Barnett went into this rant about not having to tolerate “dumbasses.” Which I couldn’t agree with more, dumbass cops.

If you found yourself asking the same thing consider giving the Middlesboro, Kentucky Police a call.

And if you find yourself the target or police harassment remember to record! I highly recommend downloading Cell 411, which has livestreaming capabilities, to your smartphone. It’s perfect for police interactions but also has additional emergency features.


Joshua’s Videos (Three Parts):

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