Accountability Is Futile – Abolish the Police [VIDEO]

Recently I wrote a trilogy of articles detailing my thoughts on why police and the state must be abolished and how the paradigms that would eventually replace it were already under construction. In the first part I discussed the reasons which I believe accountability to be a futile exercise. Using the very laws of nature that govern our reality, I illustrated how the state could not hold itself and its agencies and agents accountable any more than a predator could starve itself to death because it regarded its prey’s life above its own. The state and its agencies are living organisms that follow the simple food chain of command, and we are its food source. Accountability is futile.

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In a response that surprised no-one, police supporters, copsuckers and accountability advocates were unable to grasp these simple concepts and reacted as though they did not understand a word I had said. If they did, instead of arguing against what I actually said, they sidelined the points made with the usual standardized talking points on the subject. Sometimes it feels like I am walking around in a video game where most of the other characters are just computer generated avatars programmed with only a few predictable vocal responses.

Just in case there are still some non-player characters left who do have the ability to understand the basic inherent issues I presented, but are more in tune with audio-visual mediums, I decided to turn the article into a video. The project is only my second major video creation. I will admit that I have not yet reached a very advanced level of video production, but it does serve to illustrate the issues at hand for those who would rather watch a video than read from a screen. I will be making videos for the second and third parts in the near future.

If you are picking up what I am putting down in this video, please share it in whatever areas of the internet you frequent the most. Doing what we do at is often hard work, but it is made worthwhile when our message is able to penetrate the dominate paradigm and fuck the minds of those who have not yet woken from their obedient slumber.

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