CT State Troopers Caught Lying on Video About Man Open Carrying While CopBlocking

The video above is NOT the first submission to CopBlock.org from Michael Picard, who’s an experienced CopBlocker and advocate of personal freedoms – like open carrying firearms and CopBlocking Police Checkpoints – but it is his most damning (see his other videos/posts below). What’s done to Picard is something that happens to countless others at the hands of police. They lie in order to harass and ticket you for actions they simply don’t like (not ones that are actually against the law).

This is what was caught on video when Connecticut State Troopers illegally detained, searched and seized property of Picard’s and his CopBlocking buddy. According to his email:

Back on Friday, September 11th, 2015, in West Hartford, CT, I was illegally detained, frisked and searched, and my gun, permit and camera were seized, I was threatened with arrest for interfering (apparently, freedom of speech passes for interfering), and the Connecticut State Police fabricated a story, on camera, to trump up the charges because they needed to charge me with something (“Let’s give him something.”) to cover their ass (“Gotta cover our ass.”), charging me with “creating a public disturbance” for legally open carrying my firearm and “negligent pedestrian” for legally holding up a sign on public property, as well as being threatened with arrest (again) if I did not pay the fine. I was detained for 40 minutes and charged for nothing more than legally open carrying and holding up a sign on public property. I never touched my gun once and I am a legal gun owner.

My lawyer and I went to the first court appearance back on Thursday, January 14th, 2016, where the prosecutor offered a $25 fine, in lieu of the original $300 fine, to make the case go away. I rejected the deal because I did nothing wrong. As of now, the prosecutor has not dropped the case despite having video evidence of police misconduct. The trial date has been set for Monday, April 25th, 2016, at 9:30am, at the New Britain courthouse (20 Franklin Sq., New Britain, CT).

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Picard really outdid himself here and got a little lucky when the Troopers not only left his video camera running but failed to delete the incriminating evidence. They can’t even properly harass or pin worthless charges on a man right but that doesn’t stop them from trying.

It seems that the District Attorney already realizes this charges are bogus but is dragging their feet on dismissing the charges. Which is why we’re asking the readers of CopBlock.org to take a moment today to call either the New Britian prosecutor’s office (860.515.5270) or CT State Poilce (203.639.8090) and politely ask if they’ll stop the wrongful prosecution of Picard.

Picard doesn’t plan to take any plea deal and could really use some public pressure in the form of a call flood.

Other post about Picard’s CopBlocking with videos below:

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Connecticut State Police troopers involved:
1. Trooper First Class John Barone, #0773, Traffic Services Unit
2. Sergeant John Jacobi, #197, Traffic Services Unit
3. Trooper Jeff Jalbert, #724, Traffic Services Unit
4. Unidentified

Please call Connecticut State Police at (203) 630-8090 and the New Britain prosecutor’s officer at (860) 515-5270.

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